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It's Easy to Love Agavi Organic Juicebar

To the owners of Agavi, Eddy and Andy, it all starts with health. Health is wealth and health is happiness. Getting it is possible with the organic, raw and fresh ingredients. You'll taste it in their food and juices and your body will be stronger because of it.  

Agavi has a full and enticing menu to choose from including smoothies, salads, juices, coffee and bowls. Their liquid meals and refreshing juices will carry you through everyday from classes to meetings. When the weather turns cold, they also offer hot juice to keep you warm and cheerful, especially through flu season. Get on that.

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3 New Iced Teas Perfect for Labor Day Weekend

Summer wouldn't be the same without iced tea.

Green, black or fruity, a tall glass with sugar and a twist of lemon caps off a hot day in style. But there are also teas that can do more than deliver a few antioxidants and help you cool off. Herbal teas blended with ingredients like turmeric, ginger, licorice root, linden leaf, lemongrass, and verbena support your entire well being beyond body temperature. 

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Into The Wild with MetaMatcha

MetaMatcha founded in New York, has a balanced slightly grassy flavor, not too sharp or bitter and overall quite smooth. Known for their bottled matcha beverages in delicious flavor combinations (on shelves in New York and soon on Treatmo), the company has two styles of matcha powder: an organic ceremonial grade matcha (30G) for $28.31--pictured here, and a hyper premium ceremonial grade matcha for $39.20.

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Powerful Life Enhancing Powders That Also Taste Great

A beverage that's a pick me up but a bit more too, CocoRau's Superlative Beauty Powder makes adaptogens accessible through tasty formulas with life enhancing properties. 

Adaptogens sound like something you might say 'no, thanks' to. However, hundreds of years of use of adaptogens in ancient chinese and ayurvedic medicine argues differently.

A mix of roots, herbs, plants, mushrooms and minerals, adaptogens have traditionally been used to support balance of the senses by bringing the body back to a normal state in times of stress and anxiety and/or picking the body up at times of exhaustion and depletion. 

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The Easiest Way To Enjoy Turmeric Everyday

Few natural ingredients garner as many accolades as turmeric. Used for medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years, turmeric has high amounts of the bioactive compound curcumin. Its far reaching implications for human health suggest that its use as an herbal and alternative remedy has great value.

Physical GraffiTea on Treatmo and in New York City's East Village sells an incredibly flavorful and warming Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea that includes licorice root, lemongrass and citrus.

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The Energy Shot Of The Future Fueling Athletes Today

You may be training harder than ever to prepare for the Olympics, the US Open or New York Marathon in November, or aiming for your best during an after work run or lifting session. As an athlete everyday is an opportunity to push to the next level and reach new heights for yourself and your team. 

Regardless of the goal, sports success comes down to consistent high levels of performance and brief moments of extraordinary power and judgement. For elite athletes, to reach and stay at this level requires phenomenal exertion with precise execution. This is where proper nutrition is critical in fueling optimal performance.

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Brooklyn Food Maker Brings Finely Crafted Sorrel To Your Table

When creativity and inspiration run through your veins, there is little stopping the energy to do more. For entrepreneur, Nzinga Knight an award-winning designer based in New York City, expression of imagination through dress and now beverage making gives even more people everywhere a taste of her extraordinary talent.

From a vibrant home in Brooklyn, steeped in Caribbean culture and heritage, Nzinga had exposure to numerous creative influences as a youth. From this backdrop, and an inner drive to continually create, Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel came to life. 

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Tea Blends Transform Ancient Wisdom into Modern Health

Ingredients such as nettles, bilberry leaf, astragalus root, and mugwort may not seem like common items in the pantry, but they have been a part of the range of health remedies since the earliest civilizations and well before the advent of modern medicine.

The power of plants to heal and is documented in hundreds of books. Using food as medicine is not new, but it is becoming more common and natural for people to look to plants, herbs and minerals as ways to improve wellbeing.

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Turn Up The Fresh At Your Cocktail Bar

Who says you can't bring your own spice to the cocktail bar? When they are so fresh and good, it's natural to want to pair great spices with amazing cocktails.

Otro Cafe, a Phoenix eatery featuring southwestern style food made from local ingredients, is a favorite in the area. They kindly obliged us by making our margaritas with the Daddy's Gourmet Margarita Rim Salt we brought along.

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Iconic Tea Shop Launches First Matcha Tin For Sale

If you've spent time in the East Village of New York City, you've most likely walked down St Marks Place and passed the brightly colored  and iconic address where Physical GraffiTea sits. Maybe you've seen the sandwich board outside inviting you in for matcha, or purchased from the selection of over 200 varieties of tea.

Owner Ilana Malka, founded Physical GraffiTea in 2011 where she's been specializing in matcha and loose leaf teas ever since. Because she was inspired by the flavor, variety, and benefits of tea --  matcha being one of her favorites -- running a tea shop and cafe felt natural.

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New York-Based Startup Delivers Organic Superfood Energy Drink

It’s crisp, clean, tasty and provides amazing energy to turn up your day. Delivering in New York City, Metabrew accomplishes several things we want in a beverage, and the price point and natural ingredients make it a premium choice.

Aside from being the best speedy breakfast when rushing for the subway or bus to work in the City, Metabrew’s organic superfood ingredients make this much more than straight up coffee. Even still, it’s better than five cups of coffee, and it won’t allow you to crash. 

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Say Hello To Your Almond Macadamia Milk Cappuccino

Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski say their mission is to introduce people to the great coffees of the World. While that may be, and is awesome, our first visit to this Grand Central Market cafe inspired something more.  

The open air, friendly space that is G and B coffee was literally a breath of fresh air. As spot to grab coffee and toasts, granola, waffles and creative drinks, it's perfect. 

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Plants As Fuel To Power Wall Street

The pressure is always on, winter or summer, from how well you perform at work, to how you manage stress and relationships inside and outside the office. Overall wellbeing and feelings of content start from the inside with what you eat to improve your ability to manage stress and stay healthy. 

Certain herbs and plants are known in some circles to actually to lift you or calm you depending on what your body needs. So, what are they? Adaptogens are healing plants and herbs said to strengthen the body's response to stress and fight fatigue and anxiety. For example, if you're overly stressed or fatigued or in a state of high anxiety, they help manage natural regulation of your adrenal fight/flight response to bring you back into normal state. 

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Get Electric At Fuel Juice Bar

Fuel Juice Bar in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is energizing the community with seriously flavorful and healthy food. They've locked into the formula of providing organic, nutritious meals that are both good for you and tasty.

An innovator in bringing nutritious meals to Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and surrounding areas, Fuel offers a wide range of juices from simple, like coconut water or watermelon juice to veggie dense options such as The Green Warrior, complete with all your organic veggie faves.

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Lefferts Gardens Juice Bar, House Of Juice

The beauty of New York City is its creators. The entrepreneurs inventing and crafting products for everyone to explore, love and share. That's what the city is all about. It's an enormous backdrop for imagination and discovery. One of these creators is House of Juice in Brooklyn. 

House of Juice first came to our attention at the Altman Building where The Seed has a vegan popup market. House of Juice sources organically from local farmers and from their garden attached to the shop in Prospect Park/Lefferts Gardens.

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Perfect Morning in Santa Monica

As the sun rises over the city, a nice breeze from the California coast kicks up. Palm trees wave good morning through the open windows of your hotel room above Santa Monica Boulevard. You quickly dress, hop down the stairs and out into the cool morning beach air for a jog along Ocean Avenue.

Before a busy schedule of meetings, it's time to head up Broadway to 6th Street for energizing fresh juice and delicious healthy eats at The Hive. The ambiance and food prepare you for an amazing day ahead.

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Eco-Travel and Urban Detox In Dallas

There are incredible juice shops designed by talented, creative people sprouting up in cities across the U.S. For those who love health and wellness, they are so much more than just the local spot. The cities these small batch juicers call home, are becoming top destinations for foodies and fitness minded enthusiasts. Boom Juice in Dallas is one.

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