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Busy Frictionless Marketplace Key to Mobile Payments Success

Walking through the Santa Monica farmers market on Wednesday just a block away from the promenade is quite an experience. The streets are packed in all directions, customers are lined up at every booth several deep, and the market vendors are selling everything from vegetable baskets and almond butter to prepared food. Without question, business is happening.

It’s not much different than what you see in a busy neighborhood in New York City, where it may be a bit more spread out, but is nonetheless a concentrated mix of gourmet products and delicious food ready to eat. On the weekends, you can expect longer waits and fewer open seats because the hungry crowds arrive in great numbers.

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Favorable Customer Experience To Set Apart Top Businesses

Gaining a competitive edge over the competition today, may come down to one thing: Customer service. According to a report from Garner almost 9 out 10 businesses believe that the customer experience will become the most competitive part of the industry. As businesses search for ways to elevate customer experience, one aspect that hasn't received as much focus as it should is the payment process and a seamless integration of that into the total shopping experience.

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Why Speed Up Your Mobile Payments Strategy

Mobile payments is gaining momentum and it benefits businesses to develop a m-commerce strategy to take advantage of this growing sales channel in the best way possible. Offering payments through a mobile phone app as opposed to a .com site, caters more directly to customers and the emerging on demand food marketplace of people always on their phone.

When we approach businesses about the Treatmo mobile payment solution, we are often asked why there is a need for it. In fact, only 3% of small businesses offer mobile payments so there is a lot of confusion around what a mobile payment strategy looks like and what it can do for small businesses, especially food makers.

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Treatmo Provides Seamless Mobile Platform for Customers

With mobile payments expected to increase to $27 billion in transactions in 2016, the new way of paying by mobile phone is not just changing how merchants accept money, but how they interact with customers as well.

Payment technology has the power to deliver better services through the mobile channel including easy discovery, loyalty and rewards. While many payment technology providers offer some of these services, there has been a gap for customs who want it all in one place.

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How Food Startups Signal Expansion

A recent visit to Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, revealed that the industry is seeing nonstop growth. This is great news for food merchants in the natural and specialty food category. Overall growth means that those who love to create innovative food will mostly likely find ready demand.

Barriers to entering the space have diminished with the prevalence of rentable commercial kitchens in most cities, and access to fresh superfood ingredients has increased the ability to express creativity through new and unique products.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Win with Mobile Payments

Awareness of mobile payments (paying with a mobile phone app instead of handing over cash or swiping a credit card), grew dramatically in 2015. An Accenture report from October 2015 indicated that more than half of consumers are aware they can use their mobile phones to pay at brick & mortar establishments, which is a 40% increase from 2014.

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Don't Get Lost In The App Clutter

The race is intensifying for restaurants and food merchants to create their own payments app. After all, Starbucks mobile purchasing app did and now accounts for roughly 20% of all sales at their coffee shops. With this level of commerce, every business now wants their icon on the home screen of every iPhone and Android smart phone. Staying top of mind among customers is usually key to getting an order and being visible constantly on a phone screen is a legitimate and modern way to do this.

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Have Fun And Network Too

Running a small business takes everything you've got. Between crafting great product, preparing for the holiday rush, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing multiple social media accounts, along with other services, finding personal time goes out the window. Even when you're out at holiday events, your brain is still on business.

At Treatmo we're working at making things easier. We designed a way for multi-tasking business owners to have a great time this holiday season and talk shop too.

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Peer-to-Peer Payments Has a New Flavor

When a friend has done work for you or gone out of their way to help out, sometimes the best way to call it even is to buy them a great meal. After all, a full stomach goes a long way to keep people happy and eating out is generally a lot more social than compensating with cold cash. A new app called Treatmo allows you to do just that.

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Don't Hide Your Pies - Tips for Small Business

The sudden closure of any well known restaurant, especially one with a seemingly large online community, leaves people disappointed and scratching their heads. You may have noticed such an example in your city.

When you take a closer look, you begin to notice a pattern. The star attractions of the restaurant, like the pies, weren't given the right platform to shine. You go into business because you're passionate and great at doing something everyone loves. Whatever that THING is, flaunt it. 

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Treatmo for Small Business

For a small business to stand out during the last 10 years, it needed a solid online presence with a basic website and social media links. Over this time, lifestyles have changed as drastically as technology with increasing numbers of frequent travelers and on demand shoppers. The statistics paint an impressive picture: 74 million iPhones sold in the first quarter of 2015, and PC sales have declined 10% in the last year.

With the rapid growth of smartphone usage, having a mobile storefront--like the surge in health food--is less a trend than the way forward. A mobile-friendly storefront is similar to your web-based design for PC but is formatted in a way that makes reading and interacting with your site, shopping in particular, quick and easy.

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Plant-Based Cafes See Mobile Payments as Future

Using mobile phones for commerce is on the rise. 64% of Americans now have a smart phone according to Pew Research Center and 20% rely on the phone only for accessing online services.  This number is expected to grow.

As a result, people are now using smart phones to handle a broad range of activities - not just calling, texting, or browsing.  One new emerging activity is purchasing food from cafes and restaurants.  

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