A Toast To Tomatoes, Avocados And Za'atar

There's just something about za'atar that I love. 


Yes, this is basic avocado toast on the surface. But once beyond that you see organic cold-pressed olive oil, a sprinkling of za'atar, end of season tomatoes from the garden, pickled beets and raw macaroons.

The bread is refined sugar free and made with a touch of maple syrup from a local baker. But the flavor of the beets from Seattle Pickle Co (so nutritious) and the olive oil with the spice, makes this anything but basic.

Try za'atar on everything. Not all za'atar is equal. I've tasted some that are so laden in salt that there is no flavor of the thyme, sesame and oregano, and the herbs are what matter most. Shop za'atar, no bake macaroons and organic cold-pressed olive oil, and pickled beets on Treatmo iOS App. Download on iTunes. 

  • Cold pressed olive oil from Kämen Foods
  • Pickled beets from Seattle Pickle Co
  • Macarons from b Naked Chocolates
  • Za'atar from Napa Valley EVOO