Where To Buy Vegan Chocolate

If you're looking for allergen-free chocolate with all natural ingredients, there's one place to get the good stuff.

Vegan chocolate may have started out as a small, craft business, but it is now a huge market. If you're looking for vegan chocolate that is soy free, allergen free and delicious, go local and farm direct. Treatmo helps you get to the good stuff fast.

Four vegan chocolate makers that we love for eating and gifting.

1) Rawclates -- Brooklyn made and filled with power ingredients like turmeric

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2) Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream - Vermont made with local ingredients and fair trade, organic cacao

shop farmhouse chocolates.jpg

4) Good King Cacao - Seattle made, whole cacao bean covered in natural herbs and spices like mint, sourced directly from small cacao farms 

shop good king cacao.jpg

Shop these vegan chocolate makers and more in the Treatmo iOS app. Use the app filters like "V" for vegan to refine your search and see more. Shop or gift. See how.