3 Ways To Enjoy Matcha Everyday

If you love matcha, it's easy to find ways to get more of it into your diet everyday. 

Matcha is a green tea powder celebrated for it's ability to improve focus and brain power, increase energy and lift mood -- without the crash of coffee.

Here are three ways to get more matcha into your diet


1) MetaMatcha Organic Matcha Powder

It's less harsh tasting than many matcha powders, builds up a froth quickly when whisking, and has a slight sweetness. It's great with nothing or a dab of maple syrup. 


2) She Is French

Get a bit of matcha in your granola at breakfast or snack time. She Is French gluten free and vegan 'Lauren' granola with matcha, walnut and ginger helps you keep the energy going.

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3) Rawclates

This is the treat of the day with matcha and white chocolate together with cacao. Rawclates chocolates are vegan and sweetened with maple sugar. This treat is the lunchtime lift your everyday needs.

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