How To Make The Perfect Veggie Sandwich

It starts with thin, seeded sandwich bread and delivers a power punch of goodness from the inside out.


The veggie sandwich has followed me throughout my life as the addictive go to wherever there's a good one. Often times it comes down to the sandwich maker. The person behind the counter in control of the bread and the toppings. They're either layering on food with purpose and love or slapping it together thinly while their heart is somewhere else.

The true veggie sandwich has red onions and sprouts. It has layers of fresh veggie goodness. It has spreads, maybe a little oil, and a lot of avocado.

What makes a veggie sandwich so good is the texture combinations, crisp freshness, crunch and burst of flavor of everything at once.

Occasionally, there might also be a slice of cheddar cheese, or a side of chips, and a fresh bottled beverage. But however you make it or order it, if it's done the right way, the veggie sandwich is less expensive than other sandwich styles and leaves you feeling full and happy. 

A good sandwich is art. They aren't always consistent when you're eating out, but they can be made perfectly at home.

For this recipe, the avocado oil steals the show. Fresh hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, avocado and a slice of cheddar cheese raise it to taste and texture perfection. 

Cheese optional, fresh veggies a must!

Serve with a side of chai.

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