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This Pumpkin Bread Is Tastier Than Cake And Healthier

You're going to love and hate this pumpkin bread recipe. 

Warm pumpkin bread is amazing in the morning before heading off to work, or in the evening as a treat. It's easy enough to make, but Whole Note makes it even easier.

You're going to love this pumpkin bread because of how good it is and how easy it is to make. You're going to hate it because you'll be mad no one told you about this incredible recipe sooner!

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Elevation Of Flavor And Experience At Kai

Exceptionalism is a quality that is rare to find and even harder to achieve. It requires consistency, continuous effort to improve, extraordinary attention to detail, leadership, awareness, empathy and a bit of je ne sais quoi--A thing that can't be measured or described, but the magic that ties everything together. An exceptional restaurant maintains all of these factors, in addition to the small and large operational details, at once. It's a massive syncopated team effort.

All of the activity going on behind the scenes from the sourcing days before, cleaning and innovative preparation of the food, to the order of the attendants serving a table, to the cleanliness of the washrooms and demeanor of the table captain, is orchestrated in such a precise way to forge memorable experiences. To do it at a level that receives praise and attention from customers again and again takes exceptionalism. This has been our experience at Kai Restaurant.

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