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A Perfect Day Eating Out In New York City - Wallet Free

I arrived in New York City on an unusually warm day in December on a quest. I wanted to spend the entire day eating amazing food -- of which NYC has a lot -- and pay without ever pulling out my wallet. This was my first trip to New York City since I joined my sister, the founder of Treatmo, as co-founder. 

Because I had just 24 hours to see and eat as much as possible, ordering ahead with my phone through Treatmo would allow me to plan, save time and share my trip with friends all at once through one app. I wanted to reduce friction as much as possible in the checkout process and record my experience, too. All that in mind, I brought a large appetite, plugged my credit card into the app and left my wallet behind.

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Super Rich and Creamy Fresh Turmeric Ginger Latte

Surprise yourself by making something extremely delicious and healthy with simple ingredients.

You would be amazed at what you can make at home that you might have only imagined you could enjoy at a restaurant made by an expert. The truth is you don't have to be a pro to make some of the most delicious things right in your own kitchen.

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Turmeric is the New Superfood

Of late, turmeric has taken on a cape-wearing, superpower-wielding level of notoriety. A bright yellow powder that comes from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in Indian or Asian cooking for coloring and added flavor. However, over the past several years, we have seen the additional talents of turmeric emerge in the popular media. Cultures that have used turmeric for thousands of years innately understand turmeric’s benefits. But now modern science is publishing concrete evidence of turmeric’s status as a new superfood.

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While Not Coffee, Organic Turmeric Tea Boosts Health and Focus

While the list of benefits of turmeric is long, does it taste good enough to enjoy everyday like coffee. Short answer, yes!

From warding off heart attacks, to fighting cancer, improving focus and supporting brain health, turmeric root is associated with many positive health benefits. 

A common ingredient in food like curry in SE Asia and India, adding turmeric to your daily diet in a flavorful way is not all that complicated. If you're ready to mix up your morning and lunchtime energy drink from coffee to something else, turmeric ginger tea is worth a try.

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Fluffy Vegans Makes Healthy Snacking Seriously Delicious

Arizona also boasts of a growing number of entrepreneurs focused on making healthier and tastier food to not only support active lifestyles but make better alternatives for all. Phoenix is home to an emerging set of innovative food makers delighting with products from locally sourced ingredients. They often have a goal in common: Make food with higher nutrient value, fewer artificial ingredients and fewer bad fats more accessible.

Kimberly Muro was always inspired by the flavorful food her mother and grandmother made when she was younger. She and her husband have been vegan for four years and as is the struggle for many, had a difficult time finding food that was enjoyable and 100% plant based. 

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3 New Iced Teas Perfect for Labor Day Weekend

Summer wouldn't be the same without iced tea.

Green, black or fruity, a tall glass with sugar and a twist of lemon caps off a hot day in style. But there are also teas that can do more than deliver a few antioxidants and help you cool off. Herbal teas blended with ingredients like turmeric, ginger, licorice root, linden leaf, lemongrass, and verbena support your entire well being beyond body temperature. 

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The Easiest Way To Enjoy Turmeric Everyday

Few natural ingredients garner as many accolades as turmeric. Used for medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years, turmeric has high amounts of the bioactive compound curcumin. Its far reaching implications for human health suggest that its use as an herbal and alternative remedy has great value.

Physical GraffiTea on Treatmo and in New York City's East Village sells an incredibly flavorful and warming Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea that includes licorice root, lemongrass and citrus.

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Fresh Mango and Turmeric Raw Cupcakes (gluten free)


Often the biggest barrier to getting started is taking that basic first step. When you see a food photo that looks delicious, it also looks like effort. Thanks to a few innovative chefs taking the fear out of food prep that first step is a lot easier.

Making food doesn't have to be difficult. There should also be no fear of failure in the kitchen. Part of the joy is trying new things. I started baking with Terre Botanicals -- an Arizona crafter of finishing sugars, savory blends and edible essential oils recently after learning about the business through Treatmo. 

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Tea Blends Transform Ancient Wisdom into Modern Health

Ingredients such as nettles, bilberry leaf, astragalus root, and mugwort may not seem like common items in the pantry, but they have been a part of the range of health remedies since the earliest civilizations and well before the advent of modern medicine.

The power of plants to heal and is documented in hundreds of books. Using food as medicine is not new, but it is becoming more common and natural for people to look to plants, herbs and minerals as ways to improve wellbeing.

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Blend About Town - LuliTonix

Between building a company, travel for said company, managing a team of coders in another country, finding a co-founder, navigating the tricky startup world, studying code and relocating to another city, 2015 was pretty intense as CEO of Treatmo.

I'm not complaining because it was a transformative year: ups, downs, all of it -- all growth and everyday something new. But as any team leader will tell you, even though you learn to embrace it, burnout happens.

I made a last minute decision to spend the final week of the year working from my parent's home. I had one big agenda for seeing in a strong 2016 though: Drink as many LuliTonix blends as possible!

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5 Healthy Ways to Fuel The Startup Hustle

As an entrepreneur, building a new company in any industry results in a busy and frenetic lifestyle.  It may be hard to keep up. While many new ventures fizzle out because the founder and team don’t have the energy to push through the rough start-up phase, there’s a way to give yourself an advantage and get your fledgling business to grow. The secret is nutrition.

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