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Five Easy Ways to Get the Benefits Coconut Everyday

It wasn't all that long ago when the association of coconut was as gooey sugary filling in a chocolate bar, topping on a sundae or a drink you sipped on a beach with a cocktail umbrella. Not a nut, but a fruit, the coconut has big health benefits which have turned this tropical delight into a mainstream food ingredient.

The fruit or meat of the coconut contains electrolytes like potassium and minerals such as iron. Fiber is also abundant which means you feel full faster. It also aids digestion. The plant oils in the coconut meat are considered beneficial to health since they are burned as energy in the liver before being digested and turning into fat. Coconut meat also contains lauric acid which helps boost immunity.

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New York City Must Have Valentine's Day Treats

Whether you're seeking the perfect Valentine's Day gift or hungry to try all of the delicious and clever treats made for February 14, here are four fantastic options out of New York City. More details on each business in the Treatmo Market.

When you buy on Treatmo you can treat someone from a distance, send a personalized message and participate in the experience with your friend through chat and photos. Get started.

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Keys To A Happier You

We may be more connected than ever with all of the technology around and available to us, but it has actually served to make people feel more disconnected. This is what Action for Happiness wants to change through 'happy activism', a worldwide movement to make people feel more connected. It's also what Treatmo wants to impact by innovating how we treat each other.  

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