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Mobile Ordering and Pay Redefines the Customer Experience

Paying for food by mobile phone makes it easy to shop either in-store or remotely and is increasingly defining the customer experience.

Many larger retailers, such as Starbucks, offer a mobile app for ordering and preordering making it easy to make a purchase from anywhere at any time. Because of this convenience factor, mobile payments or m-commerce purchases are taking a larger share of online sales, and are a signal of what may become the dominate way to pay in the near future.

Mobile pay is making life easier for customers and also faster. Customers can pay for items without fear of credit card minimums or running to an ATM to cover a bill. Handing a card over to a service professional for a "swipe"--that on many occasions doesn't work in one shot--is no longer a hitch in the checkout process either. Receipts are stored in one in the app making it easier to keep a minimal record of receipts across email accounts.

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