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The Easiest Way To Enjoy Turmeric Everyday

Few natural ingredients garner as many accolades as turmeric. Used for medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years, turmeric has high amounts of the bioactive compound curcumin. Its far reaching implications for human health suggest that its use as an herbal and alternative remedy has great value.

Physical GraffiTea on Treatmo and in New York City's East Village sells an incredibly flavorful and warming Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea that includes licorice root, lemongrass and citrus.

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Treatmo New York Conversation Series Kicks Off

After a year and a half of beta testing and a recent roll out and trial of digital loyalty, Treatmo is in New York with its first series of events under the theme, Pathways to Food

This is an exciting time in the history of food where the push for transparency in ingredients and sources is greater than ever. Treatmo leads the way in providing the technology for businesses to interact with consumers more authentically. 

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Treatmo Provides Seamless Mobile Platform for Customers

With mobile payments expected to increase to $27 billion in transactions in 2016, the new way of paying by mobile phone is not just changing how merchants accept money, but how they interact with customers as well.

Payment technology has the power to deliver better services through the mobile channel including easy discovery, loyalty and rewards. While many payment technology providers offer some of these services, there has been a gap for customs who want it all in one place.

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Turn Up The Fresh At Your Cocktail Bar

Who says you can't bring your own spice to the cocktail bar? When they are so fresh and good, it's natural to want to pair great spices with amazing cocktails.

Otro Cafe, a Phoenix eatery featuring southwestern style food made from local ingredients, is a favorite in the area. They kindly obliged us by making our margaritas with the Daddy's Gourmet Margarita Rim Salt we brought along.

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Viewpoint: A Futuristic Cashless, Interconnected Society

A woman walks into a small organic juice bar off a busy street in the East Village, a vibrant lower Manhattan neighborhood, and is greeted cheerfully by the young, sophisticated owner behind the counter. A quiet modern beat fills the colorful space with energy and a range of fresh fruit sits in large painted ceramic bowls on the counter.

Instead of reading the menu up high on a chalkboard, she shares a code with the owner generated by her phone who verifies it through his iPad. In a beat, no paper receipts or exchange of cash or credit, she blissfully glides out the door smoothie in hand. Within seconds she has friends sending messages about the order to her through Treatmo sharing their enthusiasm and even repeating the purchase.

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Discover Amazing Eats Along The L Train

When visiting New York City or taking a day with friends to explore, you want to eat great food and have a fun experience. All the choices can be overwhelming but Treatmo's got you covered. Presenting the best eats and experience along the L to enjoy with the help of Treatmo app.

If you're new to the NYC subway system, it's easy to get confused and get on the wrong train and end up in the opposite place you wanted to go. The stops along the L Train--once you figure out which one is going to 8th Ave and which one is headed to Brooklyn--put you at the doorstep of many delicious places that also happen to be Treatmo Hotspots.

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Good Vibes And Juice At Agavi Juice

The East Village needs exactly what Agavi Organic Juice Bar brings. On East 7th between 1st and 2nd, the juice bar is bright and lively with well-crafted, healthy treats--the perfect thing to lift your mood. This walk-in cafe run by Queens co-owners, Eddy and Andy serves everything from juices and smoothies to acai bowls and salads and that's not all.

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Keys To A Happier You

We may be more connected than ever with all of the technology around and available to us, but it has actually served to make people feel more disconnected. This is what Action for Happiness wants to change through 'happy activism', a worldwide movement to make people feel more connected. It's also what Treatmo wants to impact by innovating how we treat each other.  

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