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Best Summer Road Trip Eats

From matcha tea and granola to scheduling stops at local farmers markets for fresh food on the road, here are your summer road trip food essentials. 

The snacks you choose for you and your crew is the foundation for road trip success.

Splurging in the chip, drink and candy aisles of the local grocery store is always the last -- but most important -- thing to do before the journey kicks off. Those familiar sweet and savory sweets scream road trip fun. But a couple of hours into the trip after emptying one bag of sugary processed treat after another, the sugar low hits and the car turns silent and anxious.

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Discover Amazing Eats Along The L Train

When visiting New York City or taking a day with friends to explore, you want to eat great food and have a fun experience. All the choices can be overwhelming but Treatmo's got you covered. Presenting the best eats and experience along the L to enjoy with the help of Treatmo app.

If you're new to the NYC subway system, it's easy to get confused and get on the wrong train and end up in the opposite place you wanted to go. The stops along the L Train--once you figure out which one is going to 8th Ave and which one is headed to Brooklyn--put you at the doorstep of many delicious places that also happen to be Treatmo Hotspots.

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Eco-Travel and Urban Detox In Dallas

There are incredible juice shops designed by talented, creative people sprouting up in cities across the U.S. For those who love health and wellness, they are so much more than just the local spot. The cities these small batch juicers call home, are becoming top destinations for foodies and fitness minded enthusiasts. Boom Juice in Dallas is one.

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