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Please Your Guests on Game Day with These Party Food Options

Preparing food for a crowd, even if the crowd is only five of your best buds, takes some pre-game effort.

Let us break it down so it's easy!

Your field judge is going to call you out if you spend too much time thinking about what to make for the big game. It's better to make what you know. One way to send it over the top, however, is to use ingredients that will make your crowd cheer.

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The OKB Southern-Style Barbecue Sauce Hits Every Note

The OKB brings sauce back to it's origins and makes your food and mouth happy. 

If you had been traveling through Kentucky during the late 1800s and early 1900s, you may have had your first taste of true southern-style barbecue sauce. A small BBQ shack called Bowe's Bar-B-Q had become popular in the region for it's amazing BBQ, so much so, even the Pony Express deliberately stopped there to eat.

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