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Reach the Summit of Camelback Mountain with a Replenishing Energy Shot

Whether you're in Phoenix for the college basketball final four, Spring Training, golf tournaments, racing at the Phoenix International Raceway, or just relaxing at a resort to enjoy the 70 degree winter weather, you may have heard about hiking Camelback Mountain which is visible to the north as you land an Sky Harbor Airport.

Climbing to the top of Camelback Mountain, a hiking landmark of the Phoenix area, is not easy, though. Popular among locals, visitors, and even celebrities, it's a steep 1,280 foot climb that's 1.14 miles long.

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What's All The Fuss with Wellness Powders And Do They Actually Work

They've got ingredients with crazy names and big promises, so what are wellness powders?

A new kind of supplement has risen to popularity. Called wellness powders, magic dust or elixirs people are mixing and stirring them with water, coconut water or alternative milks and preaching their benefits. Like most supplements worth their salt they are not cheap but promise great things. 

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A Wellness Treat To Lift Spirits, Reduce Stress

Adaptogens have been around for millennia in ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine. Known as agents of well being, they have often been incorporated into tinctures, teas and elixirs.

Cocorau, a delicious wellness-focused chocolate maker out of New York City, recently introduced a powerful powder supplement of wildcrafted and organic adaptogens.

The Holy Body Powder is a tasty blend of select ingredients to help you navigate the ups and downs of everyday life that caffeine can sometimes aggravate.

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