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Turmeric is the New Superfood

Of late, turmeric has taken on a cape-wearing, superpower-wielding level of notoriety. A bright yellow powder that comes from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in Indian or Asian cooking for coloring and added flavor. However, over the past several years, we have seen the additional talents of turmeric emerge in the popular media. Cultures that have used turmeric for thousands of years innately understand turmeric’s benefits. But now modern science is publishing concrete evidence of turmeric’s status as a new superfood.

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Ello Raw Dessert Bites Put Healthy Eating in Hand To Satisfy Sweet Cravings

Sleepless nights, tired mornings, your diet could be the problem. Eating more raw food might help you change the pattern.

Thankfully getting more raw food into your diet doesn’t have to mean increasing your daily consumption of uncooked carrots. In fact, if you could enjoy the flavor of cookie dough instead without the empty calories and negative health consequences, you might be inclined to eat it all the time, right?

New food entrepreneur and founder of Ello Raw out of Raleigh, North Carolina, makes that more possible than you may think.

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Refined Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Truffles A Worry Free Indulgence

These truffles combine healthy superfood ingredients for pure delight

If you grew up enjoying Hershey’s Kisses, but now want something a bit more indulgent and healthier, you may be ready to enjoy chocolate truffles from b Naked Chocolates.

A chocolate truffle is a ball of dense chewy chocolate that is usually rolled or coated in cocoa powder or chopped nuts. They are slightly larger than grapes and pack a serious chocolate punch.

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Schisandra Tea The Secret To Boosting Mood, Focus and Energy Naturally

Whether it's work life or social life, there is always some measure of stress. Your boss might be pushing you to work longer hours. Meanwhile, your friends might be angry with you because you have less time for them. Stress is everywhere. Then if you fall ill or aren't sleeping at night, the stress increases. But there's hope.

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Say what you want about raw food, but this tofu replacement wins the day

Tofu, soy bean or bean curd, for many is a no go. It's also the item that many associate with a plant based diet. It is delicious in dishes fried or steamed because of it's ability to take on the flavor of the dish. Yet, soy is not everyone's go to food.

Thankfully for New Yorkers there's an alternative to soy, and it might be one of the most delicious things we've ever tasted. 

Fofu, a tofu alternative, is a common ingredient you'll find at Quintessence, a quiet eatery in the East Village, run by soft spoken and charming Mun Chan. 

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Superfood eats in Santa Monica so good you'll want to move in next door

The Hive in Santa Monica is a sleek, modern juice bar and cafe that's just six blocks from the beach and a perfect place to hang out. The ability of The Hive to expertly combine superfoods into everything they serve makes it an oasis for those who want nutrition and incredible flavor in every bite.

Three principles guide the menu items at The Hive. To make the best food, the ingredients must be outstanding. Whenever possible, fresh organic ingredients are used. Good food should elevate your consciousness. The Hive combines ancient wisdom with modern research to make you feel your best. Lastly, food should fuel your drive to appear toned and in shape. The Hive wants to give you that glow.

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New York-Based Startup Delivers Organic Superfood Energy Drink

It’s crisp, clean, tasty and provides amazing energy to turn up your day. Delivering in New York City, Metabrew accomplishes several things we want in a beverage, and the price point and natural ingredients make it a premium choice.

Aside from being the best speedy breakfast when rushing for the subway or bus to work in the City, Metabrew’s organic superfood ingredients make this much more than straight up coffee. Even still, it’s better than five cups of coffee, and it won’t allow you to crash. 

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