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Buttery Soft Pili Nuts By Peele Co. Are Snacking Heaven

Pili nuts are the world’s healthiest nuts. Also called the Golden Nut, they come from the rainforest in the Philippines are high in Vitamin E and a complete protein. They are perfect for snacking and made available by the Peele Co. in Las Vegas through the Treatmo App.

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3 Ways to Harness the Power of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, like all seeds, are nutrition power houses. Sometimes called pepitas, they have a wide range of healthy benefits. They contain a high level of protein, provide a wide variety of anti-oxidants, and contain Omega-3 oils to reduce inflammation. For specific conditions, they may help treat diabetes, prostate illness, and heart disease.

Because of the high protein content and heart healthy nutrients they are a perfect snack for those who exercise frequently or need a pick up. Here are three ways to enjoy the power of pumpkin seeds daily.

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Fluffy Vegans Makes Healthy Snacking Seriously Delicious

Arizona also boasts of a growing number of entrepreneurs focused on making healthier and tastier food to not only support active lifestyles but make better alternatives for all. Phoenix is home to an emerging set of innovative food makers delighting with products from locally sourced ingredients. They often have a goal in common: Make food with higher nutrient value, fewer artificial ingredients and fewer bad fats more accessible.

Kimberly Muro was always inspired by the flavorful food her mother and grandmother made when she was younger. She and her husband have been vegan for four years and as is the struggle for many, had a difficult time finding food that was enjoyable and 100% plant based. 

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Best Summer Road Trip Eats

From matcha tea and granola to scheduling stops at local farmers markets for fresh food on the road, here are your summer road trip food essentials. 

The snacks you choose for you and your crew is the foundation for road trip success.

Splurging in the chip, drink and candy aisles of the local grocery store is always the last -- but most important -- thing to do before the journey kicks off. Those familiar sweet and savory sweets scream road trip fun. But a couple of hours into the trip after emptying one bag of sugary processed treat after another, the sugar low hits and the car turns silent and anxious.

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