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Make Hunger Pains Disappear with These Low Calorie Snacks

When you get hungry you may be tempted to reach for comfort snacks which can take the edge off those pangs, but probably won’t trim your waistline or satisfy you for very long. Instead, try these low calorie snacks from local and natural businesses in the Treatmo mobile marketplace that are a healthy way to alleviate an empty stomach.

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Perfect Snacks for Viewing Championship Golf

Good nutritious snacks help you go further.

While you're waiting for you favorite golfer to drive to the green or just casually enjoying the scenery of a perfect course, don't forget to bring these great snacks to munch on. They're healthier than what you may buy at the clubhouse and will give you the stamina to cheer the players on. If you decide to hit the links later, they'll give you the energy to finish 18 holes well below par.

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Hi-FiBar Snack Bars Fuel Summer Adventure

Summertime is an amazing adventure -- new places to explore, activities to try and food to eat. It's even more fun when you can combine all into one. The road is paved with sunshine and blue skies where new experiences await, it only takes the right kind of energy for the adventure to begin. It starts with your mind, but is driven by what you eat.

For the outdoor devotee who needs smart healthy fuel this summer, Hi-FiBar has solved the equation and done it in the best way possible. Whether it’s Smoked Paprika, Lemon Zest Blueberry, or the original Coconut Cranberry, each bar is loaded with five to six grams of protein and six to seven grams of fiber.

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