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Three Emerging Tech Trends in The Restaurant Industry for 2017

Close your eyes. Think back to before technology was integrated into your restaurant operations in one way or another. For newer restaurants, the simple task I just asked of you might not be possible. The restaurant industry has been trudging along for quite some time now (the first “modern” restaurant can be traced back to 1765), and up until recent history it’s maintained a fairly static mold.  

Customers rarely see restaurants as a business or corporate chain. After all, it’s hard to compare your favorite hole in the wall restaurant to Oracle or Procter & Gamble. Yet for those in the restaurant industry who work behind that veil; the chefs, restaurant managers, and operation managers, it is abundantly clear that your restaurant has all the makings of any other business in a competitive market. In recent decades, tech has played an instrumental role in bringing restaurants into the white water of competition and strategic practice.  

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