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Super Rich and Creamy Fresh Turmeric Ginger Latte

Surprise yourself by making something extremely delicious and healthy with simple ingredients.

You would be amazed at what you can make at home that you might have only imagined you could enjoy at a restaurant made by an expert. The truth is you don't have to be a pro to make some of the most delicious things right in your own kitchen.

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Simple Almond Butters Direct From The Farm

Unless you're local to Los Angeles, San Francisco or Santa Barbara farmers markets, you may not know of Fat Uncle Farms almond farm. In the almond business for over 50 years, the family has been producing raw, unpasteurized and pesticide free almonds in a variety of styles and flavors. 

Fat Uncle Farm's full farm direct store on Treatmo iOS app takes you through a delicious array of almond flavors from cajun to coconut. But from a basic level their almond butters are just simply delicious and super healthy.

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Eating Nutritious Almond Snacks Every Day Linked to Health

Eating Nutritious Almonds Every Day Linked to Health

If you are a big snacker, you probably have an arsenal of snack items lined up at work or at home from honey roasted peanuts and jalapeño flavored popcorn to BBQ potato chips and vinegar salted pretzels. All of these are fun to eat, but if you are looking for a better-for-you option to rotate in, try raw or roasted flavored almonds. 

They store easily, taste great, have a good crunch, and provide more nutrition than typical snack food. In fact, there are three benefits that put almonds way ahead of other snacking choices.

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