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5 Whole Grains Important for Daily Family Health

It’s not easy to include a variety of whole grains in your family’s diet. In fact, most families tend to rely on refined enriched wheat flour in pastas, breads, and buns. Research suggests that whole grains offer much better nutrition than your typical refined grains and support long term health because they contain fiber, natural nutrients, and anti-oxidants. 

If the world of grains is new to you, don’t be alarmed. They are abundant and can keep your family heart healthy, less prone to diabetes, and make it easier to manage weight. Here are five that are worth a try.

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This Homemade Za'atar Pizza Brings Greatness To Your Kitchen

With this sauce and crust combo you might start making pizza at home every night.

There are times you want a great pizza, and most people have their go to pizza delivery, but it doesn't always satisfy all hopes of pizza night. When an easy to make and delicious pizza crust option comes along, half the job of getting the pizza is done.

We made this pizza crust from Whole Note gluten free baking mixes and added Jar Goods 'Classic Spicy' tomato sauce, and it changed our view of pizza.

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