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Nothing Beats A Homemade Breakfast of The Freshest Ingredients

Breakfast in bed has to be one of the biggest luxuries. Fresh organic ingredients cooked up to perfection is a decadent way to start the day. But Treatmo makes it easier.

From almond butter and raw honey, to herbs and spices and matcha, you can add the touches to take any breakfast from average to extraordinary right through the Treatmo market. When you experience food packed with nutrients and benefits nothing else can compete for taste of flavor.

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Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Turns on The Holiday Cheer

Nothing stirs up feelings of the holidays quite like cinnamon. What many people might not know is fresh cinnamon has many health benefits. Apart from tasting delicious, this cinnamon spice latte lifts spirits and wellness.

From the Physical GraffiTea tea shop in New York accessible through Treatmo app, over 200 teas are at your fingertips. Browsing through their gallery in Treatmo many teas catch your eye. This Cinnamon Spice tea looks unassuming but makes one amazing latte.

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3 New Iced Teas Perfect for Labor Day Weekend

Summer wouldn't be the same without iced tea.

Green, black or fruity, a tall glass with sugar and a twist of lemon caps off a hot day in style. But there are also teas that can do more than deliver a few antioxidants and help you cool off. Herbal teas blended with ingredients like turmeric, ginger, licorice root, linden leaf, lemongrass, and verbena support your entire well being beyond body temperature. 

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The Easiest Way To Enjoy Turmeric Everyday

Few natural ingredients garner as many accolades as turmeric. Used for medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years, turmeric has high amounts of the bioactive compound curcumin. Its far reaching implications for human health suggest that its use as an herbal and alternative remedy has great value.

Physical GraffiTea on Treatmo and in New York City's East Village sells an incredibly flavorful and warming Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea that includes licorice root, lemongrass and citrus.

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Tea Blends Transform Ancient Wisdom into Modern Health

Ingredients such as nettles, bilberry leaf, astragalus root, and mugwort may not seem like common items in the pantry, but they have been a part of the range of health remedies since the earliest civilizations and well before the advent of modern medicine.

The power of plants to heal and is documented in hundreds of books. Using food as medicine is not new, but it is becoming more common and natural for people to look to plants, herbs and minerals as ways to improve wellbeing.

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Iconic Tea Shop Launches First Matcha Tin For Sale

If you've spent time in the East Village of New York City, you've most likely walked down St Marks Place and passed the brightly colored  and iconic address where Physical GraffiTea sits. Maybe you've seen the sandwich board outside inviting you in for matcha, or purchased from the selection of over 200 varieties of tea.

Owner Ilana Malka, founded Physical GraffiTea in 2011 where she's been specializing in matcha and loose leaf teas ever since. Because she was inspired by the flavor, variety, and benefits of tea --  matcha being one of her favorites -- running a tea shop and cafe felt natural.

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Tea for Days at Physical GraffiTea

Physical GraffiTea is located on St. Mark's Place in the vibrant East Village neighborhood of New York City. It's just below street level in a building that was used for the cover art of Led Zepplin's Physical Graffiti album, hence the name of her shop.

Most striking about the tea shop is the enormous range of teas to satisfy any palate or mood. There are over 200 varieties, all fair trade and organic, which cover the east wall of the shop in silvery canisters. Each one offers uniqueness and variety for the most casual tea drinker to the most sophisticated.

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