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b naked chocolates Healthy Decadence

Cacao truffles, macaroons, fruit bars and tarts, b naked chocolates knows how to cater to that sweet tooth we all have. One big difference, b naked chocolates treats have no refined sugar, dairy, soy or wheat.

Made in Arizona and shipping across the U.S. from their Treatmo mobile store, these sweet but healthy treats satisfy cravings while giving you energy and nutrition!

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A Nutrient Dense Bone Broth That Nourishes And Restores

Food trends come and go. But a food that is less of a trend and more of a revival is bone broth. Linked to the diet of our ancestors, bone broth has a centuries-old history. Linked to the diet of our ancestors, bone broth has a centuries-old history. It's a cultural and familial tradition and a chef's staple. The nourishing aspects of bone broth have caught on in the mainstream, and more people are finding ways to enjoy it everyday.

Since 2011, Michele "Shelly" Vie of Scottsdale, Arizona, trained in culinary arts and Arizona State University graduate, has been supplying residents of Arizona and beyond, with bone broths, tallow and ghee. Owner and founder of Nourished Foods, she aims to elevate your home cooking and provide you with clean and nutrient rich food. 

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This Clean Chocolate Sauce Has You Covered

We've been dying to find the perfect, all-natural chocolate sauce, and it's here and on Treatmo. b Sinfully Naked Chocolate Sauce has just three ingredients: organic raw cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup. And by the way, it's incredible. Eat it right from the jar or use it in a myriad of creative ways.

Sinfully b Naked premium sauce can be molded to whatever consistency you wish. It's thick enough to be used as icing for cupcakes. Add a bit of warm milk and whip into a sauce. Zap it in the microwave to make the perfect a spread.

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