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Horseradish For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Horseradish comes from the cabbage family. If you've had wasabi, more often than not, you've probably been eating horseradish rather than it's rarer cousin. If you're familiar with horseradish you know the heat it adds to dishes and the zing to your sinuses. 

Interestingly horseradish, now linked very clearly to its ability to fight cancer, is also known to reduce heartburn and alleviate GERD (gastro-intestinal reflux disorder), help with sinus issues and kidney function. Horseradish stimulates critical organs helping the body with digestion, respiration and detoxification.

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Why You Should Be Getting More Fennel in Your Diet

Fennel is a superfood we're only just discovering as an amazing oil to add to salad dressing. 

If you haven't used it yet in salads, broths, or with roasts, fennel is a flowering plant in the carrot family. It looks like a white bulb with green stalks and has a scent of licorice. The health benefits are diverse and many.

If fennel isn't a typical go to for you, here are a few reasons why it should be. 

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5 Exquisite Gifts For The Foodie in Your Life

Food gifts for serious food lovers.

Shopping for a friend who loves food is never easy. But gifting them items that are under the radar, crafted by local makers and focused on natural ingredients might be a way to surprise them with something new.

For the food lover that has a hankering for real flavor and handcrafted, small batch natural food, shopping on Treatmo is the first place to start looking for gifts. Here are a few from the Treatmo marketplace to order now.

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Horseradish with Salmon And Feta Scramble

Horseradish is not only really good for you, it's easy to incorporate into your diet. Horseradish is a root vegetable and can be found prepared and ready to eat in some grocery stores. To get really fresh and organic prepared horseradish, you typically have to go a bit further.

Farmers markets have been home for a long time to the freshest made local food. But not any more. Grate Roots is a horseradish maker that goes further for your health and is available in the Treatmo marketplace. With sodium free organic horseradish made fresh, you can count on getting a huge dose of nutrients with every bite. And that's what the owner of Grate Roots always intended.

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This Williamsburg Cafe Makes Healthy Taste Amazing

If you live in Williamsburg, you're lucky to have this spot off of Mccarren Park nearby. If you live in New York City, you'll want to get on the L Train and visit frequently. It's hard to find delicious grab and go food and drink that's organic and intent on improving your wellbeing. Juicery Kitchen covers the works, in addition to creating convenience and easy access.

Serving organic raw juices and raw superfood bowls like oatmeal and matcha, hearty miso and veggie soups, wild salmon, tofu dishes and macro bowls, there's something for everyone at every time of day. If you're on a diet or fitness routine, work this in. If you just want to eat amazing nutrient dense and feel good food, this is your bag. 

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3 New Iced Teas Perfect for Labor Day Weekend

Summer wouldn't be the same without iced tea.

Green, black or fruity, a tall glass with sugar and a twist of lemon caps off a hot day in style. But there are also teas that can do more than deliver a few antioxidants and help you cool off. Herbal teas blended with ingredients like turmeric, ginger, licorice root, linden leaf, lemongrass, and verbena support your entire well being beyond body temperature. 

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Treatmo App Helps Arizona Businesses Standout

Transparency, community and honesty are often attributes associated with locally-owned businesses. Cities across the U.S. along with technology are renewing enthusiasm and awareness of these values. The good thing is local businesses shine bright here in Arizona and get a big boost from organizations that champion them.

Local First Arizona supports local businesses and celebrates everything local this week, Independents Week, encouraging all to get out and explore. Founders Kimber Lanning and Cindy Dach started Local First Arizona in 2003 with a simple mission:

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Herb Spotlight: Did You Know Dill Did All This?

You probably haven't pondered dill recently. We did, but only because one particular herb grower and spice maker -- Daddy's Gourmet -- has turned up our enthusiasm for the plant. 

Dill, when fresh and grown in mineral rich organic soil where it can reach its full nutrient potential, is quite different from dill that sits on most grocery store shelves and is highly manufactured, even if the label says organic. Daddy's Gourmet has introduced us to herbs and spices that have so much more flavor that the purpose of cooking as of late is purely to enjoy them. 

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Nourishing Organic Bowls Next to Brooklyn's McCarren Park

Juicery Kitchen, just one block from McCarren Park on Union Avenue, offers a range of macrobiotic bowls and grab and go items to sustain and delight. Macro food delivers a healthy combination of carbs and protein and all the nutrients for total well being, which are highly beneficial after aerobic activity.

Juicery Kitchen's bowls are sugar free, low sodium and mood boosting. The clean eating matches the goals of a fit lifestyle. Their dishes are served with a wide variety of ingredients helping you benefit from multiple nutrients and minerals in one sitting.

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Tea for Days at Physical GraffiTea

Physical GraffiTea is located on St. Mark's Place in the vibrant East Village neighborhood of New York City. It's just below street level in a building that was used for the cover art of Led Zepplin's Physical Graffiti album, hence the name of her shop.

Most striking about the tea shop is the enormous range of teas to satisfy any palate or mood. There are over 200 varieties, all fair trade and organic, which cover the east wall of the shop in silvery canisters. Each one offers uniqueness and variety for the most casual tea drinker to the most sophisticated.

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Coffee Anywhere with Cafe Emporos

When you're serious about your coffee, you want to take it with you wherever you go. Cafe Emporos makes it possible with their travel friendly 'pour over' coffee packets. Simply stuff them in your travel bag, computer case, or even your jacket pocket and you have coffee on demand.

You can be camping, at the office, or, in my case, on a plane flying across the U.S. With hot water available and an empty cup to hold the pour over satchel, you'll have a fresh and amazing brew to enjoy in flight.

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