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A Perfect Day Eating Out In New York City - Wallet Free

I arrived in New York City on an unusually warm day in December on a quest. I wanted to spend the entire day eating amazing food -- of which NYC has a lot -- and pay without ever pulling out my wallet. This was my first trip to New York City since I joined my sister, the founder of Treatmo, as co-founder. 

Because I had just 24 hours to see and eat as much as possible, ordering ahead with my phone through Treatmo would allow me to plan, save time and share my trip with friends all at once through one app. I wanted to reduce friction as much as possible in the checkout process and record my experience, too. All that in mind, I brought a large appetite, plugged my credit card into the app and left my wallet behind.

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Tea for Days at Physical GraffiTea

Physical GraffiTea is located on St. Mark's Place in the vibrant East Village neighborhood of New York City. It's just below street level in a building that was used for the cover art of Led Zepplin's Physical Graffiti album, hence the name of her shop.

Most striking about the tea shop is the enormous range of teas to satisfy any palate or mood. There are over 200 varieties, all fair trade and organic, which cover the east wall of the shop in silvery canisters. Each one offers uniqueness and variety for the most casual tea drinker to the most sophisticated.

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Drink This For Better Sleep

Everyday we're either winding up or being wound up from something at work, in the news or online, and at the end of it we're wondering why we can't fall asleep. 

One night recently, I drank a cup of NotMilk a couple of hours before nodding off and awoke feeling refreshed. I tried it again with the same results. Now it's a part of my routine. When not in New York, I order from other local producers I find on Treatmo, or make it at home.

I did a little digging recently to understand why I slept better. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid which helps the body produce serotonin, a chemical that boosts mood, reduces anxiety and also helps with sleep. It's found in walnuts and cashews -- two of the nuts in NotMilk's tasty blends.

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Discover Amazing Eats Along The L Train

When visiting New York City or taking a day with friends to explore, you want to eat great food and have a fun experience. All the choices can be overwhelming but Treatmo's got you covered. Presenting the best eats and experience along the L to enjoy with the help of Treatmo app.

If you're new to the NYC subway system, it's easy to get confused and get on the wrong train and end up in the opposite place you wanted to go. The stops along the L Train--once you figure out which one is going to 8th Ave and which one is headed to Brooklyn--put you at the doorstep of many delicious places that also happen to be Treatmo Hotspots.

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