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Fuel Juice Bar Leads Healthy Eating Innovation in Bed-Stuy with Mobile Ordering And Pay

Brooklyn Born. Brooklyn Made. Refreshing eats in Bed-Stuy and convenience through mobile ordering and pay and healthy rewards. 

Not far from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Fulton Street in the Bedford-Stuyvescent (Bed-Stuy) neighborhood is a cafe and juice bar that has been an innovator in bringing healthy eats to the area. On a block that has historically displayed fast food chains, Fuel Juice Bar recognized the need to bring healthy eating locally in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It has now become a popular spot for nutritious food, juices and smoothies as a cheerful destination to relax and eat or for those on the go.

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It's Easy to Love Agavi Organic Juicebar

To the owners of Agavi, Eddy and Andy, it all starts with health. Health is wealth and health is happiness. Getting it is possible with the organic, raw and fresh ingredients. You'll taste it in their food and juices and your body will be stronger because of it.  

Agavi has a full and enticing menu to choose from including smoothies, salads, juices, coffee and bowls. Their liquid meals and refreshing juices will carry you through everyday from classes to meetings. When the weather turns cold, they also offer hot juice to keep you warm and cheerful, especially through flu season. Get on that.

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Into The Wild with MetaMatcha

MetaMatcha founded in New York, has a balanced slightly grassy flavor, not too sharp or bitter and overall quite smooth. Known for their bottled matcha beverages in delicious flavor combinations (on shelves in New York and soon on Treatmo), the company has two styles of matcha powder: an organic ceremonial grade matcha (30G) for $28.31--pictured here, and a hyper premium ceremonial grade matcha for $39.20.

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Food Makers Flourish at Brooklyn FoodWorks

When searching for artisan style food products that are hand made, use natural, minimally processed ingredients, and make you feel as if you're getting back to an iconic farmhouse lifestyle, it usually requires a 100 mile drive into the countryside. Up until recently, that was the case. But it's not any more.  

The new style of food making, that has a do-it-yourself, straight from the kitchen feel to it, is happening in America's busiest city and shows no signs of stopping. Brooklyn is home to a burgeoning culinary movement that is characterized by traditional methods for making food, an appreciation for authentic flavors and textures, and an ability to show imagination in the kitchen that is both intelligent and inspiring. Many have found a home at Brooklyn FoodWorks, a unique commercial kitchen which provides  a platform for food makers to launch their businesses.

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Treatmo Provides Seamless Mobile Platform for Customers

With mobile payments expected to increase to $27 billion in transactions in 2016, the new way of paying by mobile phone is not just changing how merchants accept money, but how they interact with customers as well.

Payment technology has the power to deliver better services through the mobile channel including easy discovery, loyalty and rewards. While many payment technology providers offer some of these services, there has been a gap for customs who want it all in one place.

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Plants As Fuel To Power Wall Street

The pressure is always on, winter or summer, from how well you perform at work, to how you manage stress and relationships inside and outside the office. Overall wellbeing and feelings of content start from the inside with what you eat to improve your ability to manage stress and stay healthy. 

Certain herbs and plants are known in some circles to actually to lift you or calm you depending on what your body needs. So, what are they? Adaptogens are healing plants and herbs said to strengthen the body's response to stress and fight fatigue and anxiety. For example, if you're overly stressed or fatigued or in a state of high anxiety, they help manage natural regulation of your adrenal fight/flight response to bring you back into normal state. 

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Juice in the Park

The beauty of New York City lies in its incredible skyline and great parks. Everyone is familiar with the most famous one, Central Park, but the smaller parks are just as fantastic for enjoying lunch, a stroll or catching up with friends. The good thing is almost every neighborhood has a park to get a dose of nature. In fact, 14% of the land is managed by the Parks Department. 

Many Treatmo Hotspots are conveniently near city parks. Winter or summer, grab your food on Treatmo and take advantage of the open spaces to clear your mind.

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Incredible Macrobiotic Food In Willamsburg

After a long day of work in the city, it's time to refuel and rebalance. Cooking at home would mean going to the grocery store and standing in long lines and figuring out what to make that's healthy and tastes good too can be way too much for the brain after a hard day.

From Metropolitan Ave Station in Williamsburg, whether you live in the area, are passing through or connecting to the G Train add Juicery Kitchen to your route. 

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Taste of the Islands at House of Juice

When island breezes beckon, but you don't have time to take a vacation, visit House of Juice (HOJ) in Brooklyn. HOJ serves fantastic juice, kombucha, jun, and smoothies, but they also offer a couple of delicious Caribbean inspired brunch plates on the weekend, like the Trinidadian style tacos pictured above.

The tacos combine chickpeas (chana), sweet potatoes, banh mi pickles and cucumbers on a soft gluten-free tortilla. The flavors blend perfectly with their seasoning and inspire thoughts of eating on a warm beach with blue waves at your toes.

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Good Vibes And Juice At Agavi Juice

The East Village needs exactly what Agavi Organic Juice Bar brings. On East 7th between 1st and 2nd, the juice bar is bright and lively with well-crafted, healthy treats--the perfect thing to lift your mood. This walk-in cafe run by Queens co-owners, Eddy and Andy serves everything from juices and smoothies to acai bowls and salads and that's not all.

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