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Stress Is More Foe Than Friend How to Fight It

While stress can be turned into good if it can be controlled for benefit and improve your drive, focus and results, there is a larger negative toll.

In moments of stress our bodies work harder and sometimes, smarter. We are wired to release more hormones to temporarily increase blood pressure and heart rate when confronted with a challenge to make what could be life saving decisions. 

Chronic stress is linked to many health issues including weakened immune system and depression. Fortunately, there are physical and mental ways to help manage stress from breathing and meditation, but also diet and natural foods help to strengthen the body's ability to handle stress. Within the Treatmo marketplace many food makers have crafted healthy (and tasty) options to help you stay in balance.

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Horseradish More Than A Condiment, Real Food with Big Benefits

It’s fairly common to add a condiment to your favorite food to give it an extra zing of flavor. Aside for being flavor enhancers, some condiments also provide health benefits.

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Busy Frictionless Marketplace Key to Mobile Payments Success

Walking through the Santa Monica farmers market on Wednesday just a block away from the promenade is quite an experience. The streets are packed in all directions, customers are lined up at every booth several deep, and the market vendors are selling everything from vegetable baskets and almond butter to prepared food. Without question, business is happening.

It’s not much different than what you see in a busy neighborhood in New York City, where it may be a bit more spread out, but is nonetheless a concentrated mix of gourmet products and delicious food ready to eat. On the weekends, you can expect longer waits and fewer open seats because the hungry crowds arrive in great numbers.

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How Food Startups Signal Expansion

A recent visit to Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, revealed that the industry is seeing nonstop growth. This is great news for food merchants in the natural and specialty food category. Overall growth means that those who love to create innovative food will mostly likely find ready demand.

Barriers to entering the space have diminished with the prevalence of rentable commercial kitchens in most cities, and access to fresh superfood ingredients has increased the ability to express creativity through new and unique products.

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