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Have Fun And Network Too

Running a small business takes everything you've got. Between crafting great product, preparing for the holiday rush, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing multiple social media accounts, along with other services, finding personal time goes out the window. Even when you're out at holiday events, your brain is still on business.

At Treatmo we're working at making things easier. We designed a way for multi-tasking business owners to have a great time this holiday season and talk shop too.

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Don't Hide Your Pies - Tips for Small Business

The sudden closure of any well known restaurant, especially one with a seemingly large online community, leaves people disappointed and scratching their heads. You may have noticed such an example in your city.

When you take a closer look, you begin to notice a pattern. The star attractions of the restaurant, like the pies, weren't given the right platform to shine. You go into business because you're passionate and great at doing something everyone loves. Whatever that THING is, flaunt it. 

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Treatmo for Small Business

For a small business to stand out during the last 10 years, it needed a solid online presence with a basic website and social media links. Over this time, lifestyles have changed as drastically as technology with increasing numbers of frequent travelers and on demand shoppers. The statistics paint an impressive picture: 74 million iPhones sold in the first quarter of 2015, and PC sales have declined 10% in the last year.

With the rapid growth of smartphone usage, having a mobile storefront--like the surge in health food--is less a trend than the way forward. A mobile-friendly storefront is similar to your web-based design for PC but is formatted in a way that makes reading and interacting with your site, shopping in particular, quick and easy.

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