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Say what you want about raw food, but this tofu replacement wins the day

Tofu, soy bean or bean curd, for many is a no go. It's also the item that many associate with a plant based diet. It is delicious in dishes fried or steamed because of it's ability to take on the flavor of the dish. Yet, soy is not everyone's go to food.

Thankfully for New Yorkers there's an alternative to soy, and it might be one of the most delicious things we've ever tasted. 

Fofu, a tofu alternative, is a common ingredient you'll find at Quintessence, a quiet eatery in the East Village, run by soft spoken and charming Mun Chan. 

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How to Sell to Mobile Ready Customers

Is selling food through a website over?

Not quite yet, but there is a new way of doing business that's more efficient than a website and more reliable than social media. It focuses on where customers are searching for information and deciding what to buy most frequently and is a way to be present and sell everywhere your customers.

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Connecting To The Next Gen Mobile Market

Reaching out to the next generation of consumers can be a powerful way to grow your business. People born in the 1980s and 1990s and who are currently between the ages of 18 and 30 have a combined purchasing power of over a trillion dollars and a unique way of determining which products they're going to buy. Tapping into this market segment requires an understanding of the their culture and a focus on their values. Here are seven things to consider.

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Why Speed Up Your Mobile Payments Strategy

Mobile payments is gaining momentum and it benefits businesses to develop a m-commerce strategy to take advantage of this growing sales channel in the best way possible. Offering payments through a mobile phone app as opposed to a .com site, caters more directly to customers and the emerging on demand food marketplace of people always on their phone.

When we approach businesses about the Treatmo mobile payment solution, we are often asked why there is a need for it. In fact, only 3% of small businesses offer mobile payments so there is a lot of confusion around what a mobile payment strategy looks like and what it can do for small businesses, especially food makers.

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Treatmo Provides Seamless Mobile Platform for Customers

With mobile payments expected to increase to $27 billion in transactions in 2016, the new way of paying by mobile phone is not just changing how merchants accept money, but how they interact with customers as well.

Payment technology has the power to deliver better services through the mobile channel including easy discovery, loyalty and rewards. While many payment technology providers offer some of these services, there has been a gap for customs who want it all in one place.

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5 Reasons To Love Mobile Payments

Having cash in your pocket feels good. Swiping a card for many feels amazing. In the brain it registers accomplishment. Cash is great. Cash is good. And for some using it in place of a card is helpful in managing a budget.

With a card, I've had up to five unregistered transactions that were not mine. I've had my personal data exposed at various institutions from online attacks. I've lost my credit card more than a handful of times and had to rush to cancel each one individually. And then with cash, I'm tied to ATM machines and have lost probably hundreds of dollars over the years in New York City taxi cabs. 

So where is the middle ground and what is the future. Why are we tied to dirty plastic and paper in our pockets and hands and especially between us and food. 

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Viewpoint: A Futuristic Cashless, Interconnected Society

A woman walks into a small organic juice bar off a busy street in the East Village, a vibrant lower Manhattan neighborhood, and is greeted cheerfully by the young, sophisticated owner behind the counter. A quiet modern beat fills the colorful space with energy and a range of fresh fruit sits in large painted ceramic bowls on the counter.

Instead of reading the menu up high on a chalkboard, she shares a code with the owner generated by her phone who verifies it through his iPad. In a beat, no paper receipts or exchange of cash or credit, she blissfully glides out the door smoothie in hand. Within seconds she has friends sending messages about the order to her through Treatmo sharing their enthusiasm and even repeating the purchase.

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