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Busy Frictionless Marketplace Key to Mobile Payments Success

Walking through the Santa Monica farmers market on Wednesday just a block away from the promenade is quite an experience. The streets are packed in all directions, customers are lined up at every booth several deep, and the market vendors are selling everything from vegetable baskets and almond butter to prepared food. Without question, business is happening.

It’s not much different than what you see in a busy neighborhood in New York City, where it may be a bit more spread out, but is nonetheless a concentrated mix of gourmet products and delicious food ready to eat. On the weekends, you can expect longer waits and fewer open seats because the hungry crowds arrive in great numbers.

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Peer-to-Peer Payments Has a New Flavor

When a friend has done work for you or gone out of their way to help out, sometimes the best way to call it even is to buy them a great meal. After all, a full stomach goes a long way to keep people happy and eating out is generally a lot more social than compensating with cold cash. A new app called Treatmo allows you to do just that.

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