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Nourishing Organic Bowls Next to Brooklyn's McCarren Park

Juicery Kitchen, just one block from McCarren Park on Union Avenue, offers a range of macrobiotic bowls and grab and go items to sustain and delight. Macro food delivers a healthy combination of carbs and protein and all the nutrients for total well being, which are highly beneficial after aerobic activity.

Juicery Kitchen's bowls are sugar free, low sodium and mood boosting. The clean eating matches the goals of a fit lifestyle. Their dishes are served with a wide variety of ingredients helping you benefit from multiple nutrients and minerals in one sitting.

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Incredible Macrobiotic Food In Willamsburg

After a long day of work in the city, it's time to refuel and rebalance. Cooking at home would mean going to the grocery store and standing in long lines and figuring out what to make that's healthy and tastes good too can be way too much for the brain after a hard day.

From Metropolitan Ave Station in Williamsburg, whether you live in the area, are passing through or connecting to the G Train add Juicery Kitchen to your route. 

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