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House of Juice Champions Clean Eating and Taste Near Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Clean eating is a goal for many who want to eat real food that's unprocessed, wheat free, lower in sodium and generally easier to digest. When we think of ultra clean eating several factors come to mind: local, organic and fresh food providing a rainbow of nutrients.

House of Juice in Brooklyn specializes in food of this kind along with fun mocktail pairings to tantalize your taste buds and boost your serotonin. For food lovers and explorers this is a must, off the beaten path stop that brings brilliance to the plate. 

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Lefferts Gardens Juice Bar, House Of Juice

The beauty of New York City is its creators. The entrepreneurs inventing and crafting products for everyone to explore, love and share. That's what the city is all about. It's an enormous backdrop for imagination and discovery. One of these creators is House of Juice in Brooklyn. 

House of Juice first came to our attention at the Altman Building where The Seed has a vegan popup market. House of Juice sources organically from local farmers and from their garden attached to the shop in Prospect Park/Lefferts Gardens.

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