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Super Rich and Creamy Fresh Turmeric Ginger Latte

Surprise yourself by making something extremely delicious and healthy with simple ingredients.

You would be amazed at what you can make at home that you might have only imagined you could enjoy at a restaurant made by an expert. The truth is you don't have to be a pro to make some of the most delicious things right in your own kitchen.

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Dress Your Avocado with Horseradish And Dill Salt

This is the avocado toast game changer you're looking for.

Let's face it, the whole avocado toast craze has reached a peak. Now we're onto unicorn toast and mermaid toast, duh.

But who has time for fancy toast. Most of us have 5 minutes in the morning to pull the most important meal of the day off. Anything more than that means you're either getting paid to make it or paid to photograph it.

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Balanced Diet Best Protection From The Flu

Protection from the flu is a common concern during the winter season and a serious one for those whose can’t afford any down time due to illness. Although there are many vitamin pills and over the counter prescriptions designed to limit exposure to the flu, are they the best way to stay healthy?

According to Katherine Hobson of NPR, “products claiming to turbo-charge your immune system are relying on marketing fluff rather than proven scientific claims — because there isn’t actually any evidence to suggest that these things work.”

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How To Use Coconut Oil And Coconut Butter

Coconut butter, coconut oil and a ketogenic diet all support a love of fat for energy and health.

We're used to seeing it in desserts, body lotion and face lotion but awareness of coconut butter is increasing due to its lovable taste and texture. The nutritional profile is comparable to coconut oil, but instead of being all fat, it has fiber, protein potassium, magnesium and iron.

Like coconut oil, you're also getting the much talked about medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which research suggests have many health benefits. These fatty acids have been linked to better thinking ability and memory, weight loss, emotional balance, gut balance, better nutrient absorption and digestion, and heart health. Lauric acid, an MCT, is also touted for it's antimicrobial properties. 

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12 Ways To Spread Kindness

Between holiday parties, assignments, catching up with friends and family and walking the dog, we're all the one word we hate to hear, "Busy!" It takes time to hold a door, reach out to a friend, say a long overdue thank you and send holiday greetings. 

But these are the things that matter the most. The connections we have with each other are the glue that holds society together. It's not a post online that garners a few likes, or a retweet, but authentic interaction.

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Why Carrying Hot Sauce in Your Handbag Is A DO

For many people and cultures around the world hot sauce or as Caribbean people say pepper (“peppa”) sauce is not just a condiment but a way of life. It’s carried in bags, on airplanes and proudly stashed away at work or home to make an appearance at every snack, meal or peppered mango craving. However make no mistake, it’s not just for those with a panache for the spicy a la Beyonce, but also surprisingly it’s a condiment like mustard that can actually be good for your health.

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Herb Spotlight: Did You Know Dill Did All This?

You probably haven't pondered dill recently. We did, but only because one particular herb grower and spice maker -- Daddy's Gourmet -- has turned up our enthusiasm for the plant. 

Dill, when fresh and grown in mineral rich organic soil where it can reach its full nutrient potential, is quite different from dill that sits on most grocery store shelves and is highly manufactured, even if the label says organic. Daddy's Gourmet has introduced us to herbs and spices that have so much more flavor that the purpose of cooking as of late is purely to enjoy them. 

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A Wellness Treat To Lift Spirits, Reduce Stress

Adaptogens have been around for millennia in ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine. Known as agents of well being, they have often been incorporated into tinctures, teas and elixirs.

Cocorau, a delicious wellness-focused chocolate maker out of New York City, recently introduced a powerful powder supplement of wildcrafted and organic adaptogens.

The Holy Body Powder is a tasty blend of select ingredients to help you navigate the ups and downs of everyday life that caffeine can sometimes aggravate.

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Juice in the Park

The beauty of New York City lies in its incredible skyline and great parks. Everyone is familiar with the most famous one, Central Park, but the smaller parks are just as fantastic for enjoying lunch, a stroll or catching up with friends. The good thing is almost every neighborhood has a park to get a dose of nature. In fact, 14% of the land is managed by the Parks Department. 

Many Treatmo Hotspots are conveniently near city parks. Winter or summer, grab your food on Treatmo and take advantage of the open spaces to clear your mind.

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Wellness Progams at Companies and Colleges Benefit from Treatmo

It's not surprising that the number of individuals feeling stressed out in the workplace or on campus is increasing. Across the U.S., heavy work loads, lack of free time, rising costs and relentless competition are factors contributing to anxiety and detracting from innovation.  

Three quarters of workers feel that on the job stress is higher than a generation ago and 40% of workers report that their job is very or extremely stressful. Millennials in particular, who are paying off student loans, are even more susceptible to high stress levels at the office. On college campuses, almost half of students report academic performance is the main cause of mental distress. Student counseling centers are receiving a record number of visits.

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Healthy College Snacks are Power for Students

When you’re up late cranking through difficult engineering problems or spending a Saturday afternoon reading chapter after chapter of a motivational psychology textbook, there’s little question that food is on your mind. 

The best way to keep your concentration up is to snack on healthy, nutrient dense foods, low in sugar that feed your brain and don’t leave you deprived of energy.  Here are five power snacks we like that should be easy to find.

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Deep Breathing Helps Manage Stress

When you catch yourself in a state of madness--which often happens in our stressed out lives--stop to inhale until your lungs are full and then exhale. Breathing is key to balance and reducing stress. 

You'll feel the difference in your mental state and often, stopping to breathe means the difference between yelling at someone who took your cab or waiting for the next one. 

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