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Reach the Summit of Camelback Mountain with a Replenishing Energy Shot

Whether you're in Phoenix for the college basketball final four, Spring Training, golf tournaments, racing at the Phoenix International Raceway, or just relaxing at a resort to enjoy the 70 degree winter weather, you may have heard about hiking Camelback Mountain which is visible to the north as you land an Sky Harbor Airport.

Climbing to the top of Camelback Mountain, a hiking landmark of the Phoenix area, is not easy, though. Popular among locals, visitors, and even celebrities, it's a steep 1,280 foot climb that's 1.14 miles long.

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Into The Wild with MetaMatcha

MetaMatcha founded in New York, has a balanced slightly grassy flavor, not too sharp or bitter and overall quite smooth. Known for their bottled matcha beverages in delicious flavor combinations (on shelves in New York and soon on Treatmo), the company has two styles of matcha powder: an organic ceremonial grade matcha (30G) for $28.31--pictured here, and a hyper premium ceremonial grade matcha for $39.20.

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Iconic Tea Shop Launches First Matcha Tin For Sale

If you've spent time in the East Village of New York City, you've most likely walked down St Marks Place and passed the brightly colored  and iconic address where Physical GraffiTea sits. Maybe you've seen the sandwich board outside inviting you in for matcha, or purchased from the selection of over 200 varieties of tea.

Owner Ilana Malka, founded Physical GraffiTea in 2011 where she's been specializing in matcha and loose leaf teas ever since. Because she was inspired by the flavor, variety, and benefits of tea --  matcha being one of her favorites -- running a tea shop and cafe felt natural.

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