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12 Ways To Spread Kindness

Between holiday parties, assignments, catching up with friends and family and walking the dog, we're all the one word we hate to hear, "Busy!" It takes time to hold a door, reach out to a friend, say a long overdue thank you and send holiday greetings. 

But these are the things that matter the most. The connections we have with each other are the glue that holds society together. It's not a post online that garners a few likes, or a retweet, but authentic interaction.

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It's Time to Say 'Thank You'

"Silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone." - Gertrude Stein

It takes two seconds to say thank you. When you hesitate to share gratitude, you create a void and barrier in the flow of positive communication and rapport. Taking the time to express appreciation for another's effort or time goes a long way to nurturing a relationship and building trust.

Gratitude is essential to healthy bonds. Empathy after all is what keeps a society together and is the glue of personal and professional relationships. If it's one sided the bond can't grow and relationships begin to crumble. When warmth is reciprocated incredible things can happen. Expressing gratitude for a job well done can ensure more great work. Saying thank you for a birthday present helps solidify a friendship. 

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Gratitude is the New Attitude

If you've ever been treated, you know how wonderful that feels. If you're the receiver you feel grateful, thankful, appreciated. And if you're the giver you feel more connected and awesome to have made a positive impact.

In case you didn't know this already, there is real science behind the attitude of gratitude. The Wall Street Journal (November 2014) shared the positive impacts of gratitude noting first and foremost "gratitude is the glue that holds communities together." Based on the article, it seems it has many other individual benefits as well.

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Gratitude Can Pave the Way to Success

Being grateful in the workplace is a key to success. When employees receive gratitude it lifts their spirits and gives them focus. It has more impact than getting a raise or bonus. Gratitude is personal and social and binds teams together on a human level. Gratitude demonstrates leadership and strength since it shows that the manager is above the fray and composed enough to recognize the daily efforts that go into making a project successful. 

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Keys To A Happier You

We may be more connected than ever with all of the technology around and available to us, but it has actually served to make people feel more disconnected. This is what Action for Happiness wants to change through 'happy activism', a worldwide movement to make people feel more connected. It's also what Treatmo wants to impact by innovating how we treat each other.  

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Teaching Kindess and Gratitude

Schools are taking extra steps to ensure kids learn kindness early in life through programs like Core Life in Kentucky. Through the busy, stressful lives we each manage from that point where we start to apply to college and onwards, we sometimes neglect the most important lessons from kindergarten. Treatmo makes it fun and easy to connect and treat each other with thoughtfulness through healthy food and locally produced products, because kindness matters.

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