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Match the Energy of Big Game Athletes with These Power Foods

Inspired by top performing athletes during the big games, check out this energy food that will raise your game to a new level.

Watching pro athletes compete in championship games is usually an inspiration to try harder at whatever you do. Maintaining top performance at such high stress levels takes time and practice, but the techniques can be applied daily to developing fitness and energy levels that match these amazing athletes.

Eating food packed with nutrition and energy is a great place to start. The body has amazing potential when it is fueled properly and consistently. These five beverages and snacks are sure to give you the lift you need to cross the bar into championship form no matter what you do and especially if you're working out or competing intensely on the field.

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The Energy Bite That's Just Right For That Hike

The beauty of the forests inspire many over the holidays or on weekends to head out onto a hiking trail. It’s a great escape and with extensive trail networks, you can take flat meandering walks to relax or climb up steep peaks to test your fitness. Regardless of the type of trail you choose, being in the wilderness, even for a short time, has been linked to several health benefits.

First, it may make your brain function more efficiently. Studies show that children who play in forest environments have better cognitive function. Second, scents of the forest may reduce stress. Kyoto University scientists concluded that being in the forest may decrease the risk of psychological diseases. Lastly, studies at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo found that walking in the forest may boost immunity to chronic illness, even cancer.

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