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Gluten Free in Arizona? This Bakery Is Your Friend

There's something magical when you visit Arizona-based No Glutes About It bakery at East Valley farmers markets. It may be the wide selection of delicious treats such as banana bread mini loaves, or gingerbread cookies, or the decadent cashew-based Tiramisu. It could be the fact that all items are gluten free. It may also be that everything is plant-based and made without dairy or eggs, giving the booth a peaceful quality.

However, the most charming aspect is Kathy Turner, the founder of and inspiration behind the bakery. Her warmth and friendliness fuels the care that she pours into her baked and raw goods. When browsing through the market, it's a highlight to stop here and discover the incredible options. Even when you get home with your stash and try everything, her positive energy carries through to each bite.

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The Energy Shot Of The Future Fueling Athletes Today

You may be training harder than ever to prepare for the Olympics, the US Open or New York Marathon in November, or aiming for your best during an after work run or lifting session. As an athlete everyday is an opportunity to push to the next level and reach new heights for yourself and your team. 

Regardless of the goal, sports success comes down to consistent high levels of performance and brief moments of extraordinary power and judgement. For elite athletes, to reach and stay at this level requires phenomenal exertion with precise execution. This is where proper nutrition is critical in fueling optimal performance.

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Hi-FiBar Snack Bars Fuel Summer Adventure

Summertime is an amazing adventure -- new places to explore, activities to try and food to eat. It's even more fun when you can combine all into one. The road is paved with sunshine and blue skies where new experiences await, it only takes the right kind of energy for the adventure to begin. It starts with your mind, but is driven by what you eat.

For the outdoor devotee who needs smart healthy fuel this summer, Hi-FiBar has solved the equation and done it in the best way possible. Whether it’s Smoked Paprika, Lemon Zest Blueberry, or the original Coconut Cranberry, each bar is loaded with five to six grams of protein and six to seven grams of fiber.

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House of Juice Champions Clean Eating and Taste Near Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Clean eating is a goal for many who want to eat real food that's unprocessed, wheat free, lower in sodium and generally easier to digest. When we think of ultra clean eating several factors come to mind: local, organic and fresh food providing a rainbow of nutrients.

House of Juice in Brooklyn specializes in food of this kind along with fun mocktail pairings to tantalize your taste buds and boost your serotonin. For food lovers and explorers this is a must, off the beaten path stop that brings brilliance to the plate. 

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New York City Must Have Valentine's Day Treats

Whether you're seeking the perfect Valentine's Day gift or hungry to try all of the delicious and clever treats made for February 14, here are four fantastic options out of New York City. More details on each business in the Treatmo Market.

When you buy on Treatmo you can treat someone from a distance, send a personalized message and participate in the experience with your friend through chat and photos. Get started.

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