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A Perfect Day Eating Out In New York City - Wallet Free

I arrived in New York City on an unusually warm day in December on a quest. I wanted to spend the entire day eating amazing food -- of which NYC has a lot -- and pay without ever pulling out my wallet. This was my first trip to New York City since I joined my sister, the founder of Treatmo, as co-founder. 

Because I had just 24 hours to see and eat as much as possible, ordering ahead with my phone through Treatmo would allow me to plan, save time and share my trip with friends all at once through one app. I wanted to reduce friction as much as possible in the checkout process and record my experience, too. All that in mind, I brought a large appetite, plugged my credit card into the app and left my wallet behind.

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Small Farm on Whidbey Island Livens Up Your Kitchen with Healthier Sauces, Beans And Chips

The sauce doesn't disappoint! Washington State made peri peri sauce brings new flavor to food.

When you want a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet, Peri Peri sauce has your back. A traditional sauce from the southern region of Africa, it has grown in popularity around the world. Far from Africa, on an an island in the Puget Sound, a food maker has been selling out of her Peri Peri sauce weekend after weekend at the local farmers market.

New to the Treatmo Marketplace, Lesedi Farms sells a version of peri peri sauce the founder and owner grew up with as a child in Botswana many years before moving to the U.S. This viscous bright red sauce is made from small red chilis and combines pineapple and passion fruit juices, garlic, ginger, lime and sweet bell peppers.

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Simple Almond Butters Direct From The Farm

Unless you're local to Los Angeles, San Francisco or Santa Barbara farmers markets, you may not know of Fat Uncle Farms almond farm. In the almond business for over 50 years, the family has been producing raw, unpasteurized and pesticide free almonds in a variety of styles and flavors. 

Fat Uncle Farm's full farm direct store on Treatmo iOS app takes you through a delicious array of almond flavors from cajun to coconut. But from a basic level their almond butters are just simply delicious and super healthy.

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Convenience, Speed and Simplicity

Everyday is a race. The key is to create simplicity wherever you can to make it less complicated and achieve more life balance.

With Treatmo 1.7--the first part of two big updates coming to the app this summer--we move one step closer to the goal of making access to real food easier. Treatmo removes the barriers to eating well without the hassle, by focusing on transparency and speed, so you can get what you want faster with less guesswork.

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