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A Perfect Day Eating Out In New York City - Wallet Free

I arrived in New York City on an unusually warm day in December on a quest. I wanted to spend the entire day eating amazing food -- of which NYC has a lot -- and pay without ever pulling out my wallet. This was my first trip to New York City since I joined my sister, the founder of Treatmo, as co-founder. 

Because I had just 24 hours to see and eat as much as possible, ordering ahead with my phone through Treatmo would allow me to plan, save time and share my trip with friends all at once through one app. I wanted to reduce friction as much as possible in the checkout process and record my experience, too. All that in mind, I brought a large appetite, plugged my credit card into the app and left my wallet behind.

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It's Easy to Love Agavi Organic Juicebar

To the owners of Agavi, Eddy and Andy, it all starts with health. Health is wealth and health is happiness. Getting it is possible with the organic, raw and fresh ingredients. You'll taste it in their food and juices and your body will be stronger because of it.  

Agavi has a full and enticing menu to choose from including smoothies, salads, juices, coffee and bowls. Their liquid meals and refreshing juices will carry you through everyday from classes to meetings. When the weather turns cold, they also offer hot juice to keep you warm and cheerful, especially through flu season. Get on that.

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Fresh Ingredients Make the Difference

Consumers are more keen than ever to know exactly where their food comes from and what's in it. Ingredients that can't be pronounced or food that has been depleted of any nutrient value due to over processing and heating, is under much greater scrutiny.

Because of growing consumer demand for transparency, an increasing number of establishments have taken the extra step to communicate their ingredient supply chain from farm to table more carefully. By illustrating this, the food source becomes clearer improving diner confidence.

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