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A Healthier Margarita Mocktail with Authentic Flavoring

Nothing says party like margarita. But if you're tired of salty mixes and high sugar blended frozen juice, this fresh and authentically flavored alternative is for you. 

This alcohol free, fresh spice and fruit margarita, requires no blending and with the mix of fresh organic spices delivers the most authentic flavor of any margarita mocktail (or cocktail)we've tried. This recipe is also going to be better for your health.

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Cranberries Combine Holiday Cheer with Health Perks

Cranberry sauce adds a vibrant red color to the dinner plate during the holiday season along with a heap of cheer. But are cranberries good for you, too?

Research suggest that these small berries can provide a festive boost to your health. Related to blueberries, another health powerhouse, cranberries have phytonutrients, antioxidants, and a range of vitamins that make them ideal for including in one’s diet. They can help in the following three ways

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Create Engaging Mobile Customer Experiences To Fuel Growth

3 Ways A Mobile Store Front Increases Customer Engagement

A customer strolls into a cafe off a busy street in New York City. Instead of reading the menu on a chalkboard, she shows a code on her phone screen of an item ordered by mobile en route. The owner taps the code on the cafe's mobile POS and fulfills the order.

In a beat, no cash, credit card or receipts are exchanged, she receives points for the order and heads out the door. Within seconds friends comment on the purchase and some replicate it for themselves or gift her the next one.

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Grab A Jetpack And Treatmo

The future is an exciting place. It reduces clutter and makes us more mobile. With technology it's becoming more and more possible to skip through a day without ever hitting an ATM or worrying about where you put your wallet. Through our phones we are becoming more in control of our money from banking to eating, and it feels good. 

Through Treatmo iOS app users order and pay for friends or themselves in a few taps. Upon completing a transaction, the app generates a code which is shared with the restaurant or by email or text to complete the order. 

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Incredible Macrobiotic Food In Willamsburg

After a long day of work in the city, it's time to refuel and rebalance. Cooking at home would mean going to the grocery store and standing in long lines and figuring out what to make that's healthy and tastes good too can be way too much for the brain after a hard day.

From Metropolitan Ave Station in Williamsburg, whether you live in the area, are passing through or connecting to the G Train add Juicery Kitchen to your route. 

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