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Nothing Beats A Homemade Breakfast of The Freshest Ingredients

Breakfast in bed has to be one of the biggest luxuries. Fresh organic ingredients cooked up to perfection is a decadent way to start the day. But Treatmo makes it easier.

From almond butter and raw honey, to herbs and spices and matcha, you can add the touches to take any breakfast from average to extraordinary right through the Treatmo market. When you experience food packed with nutrients and benefits nothing else can compete for taste of flavor.

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Farmers Market Merchants Reach Customers Locally and Nationally with Treatmo

For those interested in buying the best food for themselves or family, going to a typical grocery store chain in the neighborhood can be a frustrating experience. Scanning the shelves for a packaged product that doesn’t contain high amounts of sodium or sugar can be challenging, especially when the big brands relentlessly dominate throughout the store. Even among popular foods brands labeled as natural, the options can still be restrictive for the heath conscious.

Fortunately, the growth of local food makers who provide freshly made, health-focused alternatives to the familiar store brands has given communities a way to eat more nutritious food without giving up their favorites. Because most of the new food makers sell at numerous farmers markets through major cities, access to a wider range of innovative options has become easier.

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Treatmo Taps into Food Innovation At The Hyper Local Level

Going to a farmers market on a Saturday you might not expect to see a line for sauerkraut. But it's happening in Arizona. It's not just casual interest of passersby, and there is that too. It's repeat customers stocking up for the week.

The rising interest in food transparency, nutrition and minimally processed food is driving entrepreneurs to create and even reinvent entire categories in the industry. 

In Arizona, where locals have direct access to fresh produce at organic farms, innovative food makers have been rapidly growing in number and gaining speed for sometime.

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Best Summer Road Trip Eats

From matcha tea and granola to scheduling stops at local farmers markets for fresh food on the road, here are your summer road trip food essentials. 

The snacks you choose for you and your crew is the foundation for road trip success.

Splurging in the chip, drink and candy aisles of the local grocery store is always the last -- but most important -- thing to do before the journey kicks off. Those familiar sweet and savory sweets scream road trip fun. But a couple of hours into the trip after emptying one bag of sugary processed treat after another, the sugar low hits and the car turns silent and anxious.

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Turn Up The Fresh At Your Cocktail Bar

Who says you can't bring your own spice to the cocktail bar? When they are so fresh and good, it's natural to want to pair great spices with amazing cocktails.

Otro Cafe, a Phoenix eatery featuring southwestern style food made from local ingredients, is a favorite in the area. They kindly obliged us by making our margaritas with the Daddy's Gourmet Margarita Rim Salt we brought along.

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Fresh Ingredients Make the Difference

Consumers are more keen than ever to know exactly where their food comes from and what's in it. Ingredients that can't be pronounced or food that has been depleted of any nutrient value due to over processing and heating, is under much greater scrutiny.

Because of growing consumer demand for transparency, an increasing number of establishments have taken the extra step to communicate their ingredient supply chain from farm to table more carefully. By illustrating this, the food source becomes clearer improving diner confidence.

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