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Small Independent Farms See Growth by Selling Packaged Foods

Small, independent farms have been a way for many families to make a living on their own land for generations. While seasoned farmers are working towards developing new revenue sources from their core products, the allure of the autonomy and freedom of owning and working a farm is drawing new entrepreneurs into the business.

These small farms provide locally grown produce to their communities and are often the anchor of farmers markets across the country. Considering that food loses nutrient value the farther it has to travel and that vegetables and fruit can take months to reach a grocery store shelf, getting food direct from local farms offers the richest source of truly farm fresh food options. More people are being drawn to what small producers have to offer.

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Creating Food Efficiency At The Farmers Market

What word comes to mind when you think 'farmers markets'? Is it strolling? Because in fact there are over 1,030,000 results for the Google search string "strolling through the farmers market." This funny parody from The Onion puts that into extreme focus.

From Los Angeles to Des Moines to Durham people are strolling through farmers markets. If you aren't strolling you might be a chef intentfully seeking fresh, seasonal ingredients to surprise and delight restaurant patrons. But there's also another group discovering the value of the local markets.

Beyond fresh greens and fruit, farmers markets are becoming hot beds for food innovation. Through food makers and value-added products from farmers, you can find everything from heirloom flour and jam to fresh pantry and kitchen staples made from locally grown food.

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Arizona Herb Farmer Adds Spice To Your Spice Cabinet

When you meet with Arizona herb farmer, Dewayne Frelix, of Daddy's Gourmet, it's best to toss out what you know about seasonings and start fresh.

Fresh is the word at this herb farm in Mesa run by Dewayne and his business partner's Kevin and Andrea Malchow. With most-off-the shelf spices at your local grocer, getting the flavor in your food requires a few extra shakes. Not so with Daddy's Gourmet.

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Fresh Ingredients Make the Difference

Consumers are more keen than ever to know exactly where their food comes from and what's in it. Ingredients that can't be pronounced or food that has been depleted of any nutrient value due to over processing and heating, is under much greater scrutiny.

Because of growing consumer demand for transparency, an increasing number of establishments have taken the extra step to communicate their ingredient supply chain from farm to table more carefully. By illustrating this, the food source becomes clearer improving diner confidence.

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