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Hi-FiBar Snack Bars and Granola on a Mission to Help Families

When you take a trip to the grocery store to purchase snack food, you are very likely to encounter shelves of options that will ease those hunger pangs in the most delightful way possible. But will they making you feel any better?

Upon closer inspection of the ingredient list and nutrition information, you’ll find that many are loaded with high levels of sugar--much more in fact you reasonably need at any time of day. The high sugar content mixed with other processed food may leave you less energized and feeling tired. 

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Farmers Market Merchants Reach Customers Locally and Nationally with Treatmo

For those interested in buying the best food for themselves or family, going to a typical grocery store chain in the neighborhood can be a frustrating experience. Scanning the shelves for a packaged product that doesn’t contain high amounts of sodium or sugar can be challenging, especially when the big brands relentlessly dominate throughout the store. Even among popular foods brands labeled as natural, the options can still be restrictive for the heath conscious.

Fortunately, the growth of local food makers who provide freshly made, health-focused alternatives to the familiar store brands has given communities a way to eat more nutritious food without giving up their favorites. Because most of the new food makers sell at numerous farmers markets through major cities, access to a wider range of innovative options has become easier.

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