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Expo West Standouts And Emerging Trends [View Point]

From crossing paths with actress, Michelle Pfieffer to GoodBelly CEO, Steve Demos, there was no shortage of star power at Natural Products Expo West this past March. But the new stars were the innovators with fresh ideas changing what we know about food.

Now that we've had some space to think about all that we saw and tasted in a second at Expo West in Anaheim, we bring you our take on emerging trends and standouts.

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How Food Startups Signal Expansion

A recent visit to Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, revealed that the industry is seeing nonstop growth. This is great news for food merchants in the natural and specialty food category. Overall growth means that those who love to create innovative food will mostly likely find ready demand.

Barriers to entering the space have diminished with the prevalence of rentable commercial kitchens in most cities, and access to fresh superfood ingredients has increased the ability to express creativity through new and unique products.

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