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Ello Raw Dessert Bites Put Healthy Eating in Hand To Satisfy Sweet Cravings

Sleepless nights, tired mornings, your diet could be the problem. Eating more raw food might help you change the pattern.

Thankfully getting more raw food into your diet doesn’t have to mean increasing your daily consumption of uncooked carrots. In fact, if you could enjoy the flavor of cookie dough instead without the empty calories and negative health consequences, you might be inclined to eat it all the time, right?

New food entrepreneur and founder of Ello Raw out of Raleigh, North Carolina, makes that more possible than you may think.

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A Nutrient Dense Bone Broth That Nourishes And Restores

Food trends come and go. But a food that is less of a trend and more of a revival is bone broth. Linked to the diet of our ancestors, bone broth has a centuries-old history. Linked to the diet of our ancestors, bone broth has a centuries-old history. It's a cultural and familial tradition and a chef's staple. The nourishing aspects of bone broth have caught on in the mainstream, and more people are finding ways to enjoy it everyday.

Since 2011, Michele "Shelly" Vie of Scottsdale, Arizona, trained in culinary arts and Arizona State University graduate, has been supplying residents of Arizona and beyond, with bone broths, tallow and ghee. Owner and founder of Nourished Foods, she aims to elevate your home cooking and provide you with clean and nutrient rich food. 

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Have Fun And Network Too

Running a small business takes everything you've got. Between crafting great product, preparing for the holiday rush, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing multiple social media accounts, along with other services, finding personal time goes out the window. Even when you're out at holiday events, your brain is still on business.

At Treatmo we're working at making things easier. We designed a way for multi-tasking business owners to have a great time this holiday season and talk shop too.

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5 Healthy Ways to Fuel The Startup Hustle

As an entrepreneur, building a new company in any industry results in a busy and frenetic lifestyle.  It may be hard to keep up. While many new ventures fizzle out because the founder and team don’t have the energy to push through the rough start-up phase, there’s a way to give yourself an advantage and get your fledgling business to grow. The secret is nutrition.

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