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Easy Peri Peri Steak with Endive Salad

If you haven't had peri peri steak, you're missing out.

Peri peri is a type of pepper and when mixed with fruit it creates a dynamic, robust and hot sauce.

If you haven't had peri peri on steak, it's time. For an all natural peri peri sauce, get to know Lesedi Farm. With recipes passed down by family in Botswana, Dorcas makes a peri peri sauce that sells out regularly at local farmers markets in Washington State.

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A Perfect Pork Chop And Fresh Spring Peas in 20 Minutes

It's amazing how much flavor you can achieve in a 20 minute meal. 

Meat in our household is more of a treat that we enjoy once in a while. When it's possible we shop from a local butcher or farmer, but the time constraints are still the same on a week night.

This pork chop happens to come from Three Sisters Farm on Whidbey Island--a small local farm that never processes their meat or cages their animals. It's as fresh and high quality as you can get, which makes a big difference in the flavor.

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