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Burritos Are The Fastest, Easiest Way To Tons Of Great Ingredients

Change up burrito night with chipotle sauce and herb seasoning that amps up flavor, nutrition and experience. 

Whether you've just graduated from college or are a couple years out, get on track with good eating that fuels your busy days. 

It might be easy and reflexive to order out or eat boxed food, but with a few great go-to ingredients at home, you can make food faster and tastier, and quickly late night too. Burritos are the easiest way to get tons of nutrients through great ingredients all at once. 

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Nothing Beats A Homemade Breakfast of The Freshest Ingredients

Breakfast in bed has to be one of the biggest luxuries. Fresh organic ingredients cooked up to perfection is a decadent way to start the day. But Treatmo makes it easier.

From almond butter and raw honey, to herbs and spices and matcha, you can add the touches to take any breakfast from average to extraordinary right through the Treatmo market. When you experience food packed with nutrients and benefits nothing else can compete for taste of flavor.

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Dress Your Avocado with Horseradish And Dill Salt

This is the avocado toast game changer you're looking for.

Let's face it, the whole avocado toast craze has reached a peak. Now we're onto unicorn toast and mermaid toast, duh.

But who has time for fancy toast. Most of us have 5 minutes in the morning to pull the most important meal of the day off. Anything more than that means you're either getting paid to make it or paid to photograph it.

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30-Minute Peri Peri Cod with Fennel And Fries

There are some things that can't be faked and one is flavor. 

Don't make cooking complicated. In fact, simplify by using better seasonings and dressings and ones that are actually better for you--organic, lower sodium, less sugar and all natural. 

This 30-minute fish dinner with roasted fennel and fresh cut fries with Daddy's Gourmet Dill Salt and Lesedi Farm Peri Peri Sauce will wow your tastebuds. It's so easy to make good food when you have great food to work with that you might even find it addictive.

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Get Ready For Summer with A Simple Healthy Taco Night Every Night

The beauty of tacos for dinner is really the combination of foods you get to eat all at once in a taco shell. 

Experience flavor, nutrition, fun and simplicity with quick and easy tacos. Great food with real ingredients and no funny stuff, makes you feel good too. 

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Tacos with BBQ Flavored Tempeh And A Secret Ingredient Guacamole

Healthy eating doesn't have to mean tasteless and flat food.

If you know a little bit about seasoning you can make basic healthy ingredients pop with flavor.

A taco is a fantastic way to pack a lot of great vegetables into your diet in a fun way. Start with fresh onions, ginger, tomatoes, and leafy greens--don't forget avocados! Then grab a can of black or refried beans (check for low sodium and non-gmo) to pile into your taco shell.

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When You've Got The Right Spice Line Up The Rest Is Easy

You can pull this seven layer dip together in 30 minutes or less and be ready for a crowd.

The more you think about doing something and delaying, the more difficult it seems. The best thing to do with a seven layer dip, is just dive in. The Treatmo marketplace helps by providing options that go further in taste and health like the spices we use in this recipe to push it over the top. 

This recipe requires no cooking and minimal prep time, and it will please a crowd. This healthier version of a seven layer dip, includes a seasoning of fresh herbs and spices grown in Arizona. The clever combination of flavors makes this dish extra delicious and good for you too.

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A Healthier Margarita Mocktail with Authentic Flavoring

Nothing says party like margarita. But if you're tired of salty mixes and high sugar blended frozen juice, this fresh and authentically flavored alternative is for you. 

This alcohol free, fresh spice and fruit margarita, requires no blending and with the mix of fresh organic spices delivers the most authentic flavor of any margarita mocktail (or cocktail)we've tried. This recipe is also going to be better for your health.

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Herbs and Culinary Oils with Salt Are The Go To Seasonings

While dill is an incredible herb to sprinkle on your vegetables, potatoes and salmon, it is so much more.

Did you know that dill is also great for immunity, digestive and bone health? It's also a powerful herb for lung health. This dill from Daddy's Gourmet in Mesa, Arizona contains something else. With black Hawaiian sea salt you also receive the benefits of activated charcoal, which many see as a way to detoxify and cleanse. You'll find it in tonics and wellness drinks. 

From the Treatmo marketplace, here are four salts that give a little more so that you get more in return. 

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Turn Up The Fresh At Your Cocktail Bar

Who says you can't bring your own spice to the cocktail bar? When they are so fresh and good, it's natural to want to pair great spices with amazing cocktails.

Otro Cafe, a Phoenix eatery featuring southwestern style food made from local ingredients, is a favorite in the area. They kindly obliged us by making our margaritas with the Daddy's Gourmet Margarita Rim Salt we brought along.

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Arizona Herb Farmer Adds Spice To Your Spice Cabinet

When you meet with Arizona herb farmer, Dewayne Frelix, of Daddy's Gourmet, it's best to toss out what you know about seasonings and start fresh.

Fresh is the word at this herb farm in Mesa run by Dewayne and his business partner's Kevin and Andrea Malchow. With most-off-the shelf spices at your local grocer, getting the flavor in your food requires a few extra shakes. Not so with Daddy's Gourmet.

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