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Salmon 3 Ways by Caro's City

Salmon is one of my simple, go-to weeknight staples. I easily make it once per week, and it helps me start my week off on a healthy and happy note. It’s the kind of protein that you can have prepped and on the table in 15 minutes, and it is excellent cold the next day for lunch leftovers. I’ve made about 100 salmon variations, from complex to bare bones, and here are a few of my favorites that I come back to time and time again.

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3 Ways To Use Herb Oil in Your Cooking

Infusing oil with flavor for dressings and marinades takes basic olive, sunflower or sesame oil to a new level.

There are many ways you can infuse your oils with flavor by adding fresh herbs to them, but Terre Botanicals makes it even easier and faster than that. With a line of organic herb and culinary oils like tarragon, ginger, fennel and cinnamon, just a drop in your EVOO or recipe can up flavor dramatically. 

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The far reaching benefits of ghee for cooking and health

With green beans, toast, coffee, or in baked treats, ghee is a wonder fat. With a high smoke point and numerous health benefits, ghee is also free of allergens like lactose and casein. The most healthful option, Grass-fed ghee contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which can reduce body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Ghee, or clarified butter, has been around since 2000 B.C. and is core to ayurvedic medicine. It is formed by the removal of milk fats and water from butter. With a profile similar to coconut oil, ghee contains (MCTs) medium-chain triglycerides, which support weight loss. Ghee also has butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that's good for colon health. 

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Herb Spotlight: Did You Know Dill Did All This?

You probably haven't pondered dill recently. We did, but only because one particular herb grower and spice maker -- Daddy's Gourmet -- has turned up our enthusiasm for the plant. 

Dill, when fresh and grown in mineral rich organic soil where it can reach its full nutrient potential, is quite different from dill that sits on most grocery store shelves and is highly manufactured, even if the label says organic. Daddy's Gourmet has introduced us to herbs and spices that have so much more flavor that the purpose of cooking as of late is purely to enjoy them. 

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