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Rawclates Chocolates - The Perfect Balance of Organic Nutrition and Exotic Flavors

Raw stoneground cacao and superfood ingredients combine for the ultimate chocolate delight.

You may be aware of or have heard of superfoods and have been wondering how to add them to your diet. While sources of exceptional nutritional value and energy, many of these foods aren't that common in the pantry or on most grocery lists.

Rawclates removes the barrier to accessing great nutrition by merging superfood ingredients with everyone's favorite - chocolate. By taking the highest quality raw, stoneground organic chocolate and adding superfoods, they make eating high impact food easy and delicious.

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Refined Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Truffles A Worry Free Indulgence

These truffles combine healthy superfood ingredients for pure delight

If you grew up enjoying Hershey’s Kisses, but now want something a bit more indulgent and healthier, you may be ready to enjoy chocolate truffles from b Naked Chocolates.

A chocolate truffle is a ball of dense chewy chocolate that is usually rolled or coated in cocoa powder or chopped nuts. They are slightly larger than grapes and pack a serious chocolate punch.

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