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Sauce Highlight: Bacchanal Pepper Sauce from Brooklyn

The rise of Brooklyn food makers is exciting for food lovers, including at home chefs. But as more makers come out with products based on natural ingredients, minus any funny stuff, it's a signal to everyone that healthier options are becoming more available. It's also becoming an expectation by consumers that food meets these new standards. 

Talented chefs and makers continue to inspire us with their inventive and natural food creations from Brooklyn, New York to Phoenix, Arizona. Treatmo is the marketplace that ties everything together with the essential link to the food and fresh ideas with wellness at the core.

We met the maker of Bacchanal Sauce, Sonya Samuel, recently--a rising star in the food world and on Treatmo. And we finally had a chance to sample her amazing Bacchanal Pepper Sauce, also featured in the New York Times

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