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Fuel Juice Bar Leads Healthy Eating Innovation in Bed-Stuy with Mobile Ordering And Pay

Brooklyn Born. Brooklyn Made. Refreshing eats in Bed-Stuy and convenience through mobile ordering and pay and healthy rewards. 

Not far from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Fulton Street in the Bedford-Stuyvescent (Bed-Stuy) neighborhood is a cafe and juice bar that has been an innovator in bringing healthy eats to the area. On a block that has historically displayed fast food chains, Fuel Juice Bar recognized the need to bring healthy eating locally in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It has now become a popular spot for nutritious food, juices and smoothies as a cheerful destination to relax and eat or for those on the go.

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Get The Most Out Of Avocados At Fuel Juice Bar in Bedford Stuyvesant

Avocados are in high season during the summer and the perfect accompaniment great food. If you've only eaten avocados as guacamole with chips, be prepared to see how much this ingredient has progressed from dip to entree.

When you're ready for an amazing meal load with avocados in unique ways and with incredible flavor, visit Fuel Juice Bar in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood. The menu is loaded with great options combining organic avocados in salads, sandwiches and wraps all of which are available on Treatmo for pre-order or self pay while in their bright shop. When you pay with Treatmo you also earn rewards. Start eating and earning. 

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House of Juice Champions Clean Eating and Taste Near Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Clean eating is a goal for many who want to eat real food that's unprocessed, wheat free, lower in sodium and generally easier to digest. When we think of ultra clean eating several factors come to mind: local, organic and fresh food providing a rainbow of nutrients.

House of Juice in Brooklyn specializes in food of this kind along with fun mocktail pairings to tantalize your taste buds and boost your serotonin. For food lovers and explorers this is a must, off the beaten path stop that brings brilliance to the plate. 

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Juice in the Park

The beauty of New York City lies in its incredible skyline and great parks. Everyone is familiar with the most famous one, Central Park, but the smaller parks are just as fantastic for enjoying lunch, a stroll or catching up with friends. The good thing is almost every neighborhood has a park to get a dose of nature. In fact, 14% of the land is managed by the Parks Department. 

Many Treatmo Hotspots are conveniently near city parks. Winter or summer, grab your food on Treatmo and take advantage of the open spaces to clear your mind.

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Incredible Macrobiotic Food In Willamsburg

After a long day of work in the city, it's time to refuel and rebalance. Cooking at home would mean going to the grocery store and standing in long lines and figuring out what to make that's healthy and tastes good too can be way too much for the brain after a hard day.

From Metropolitan Ave Station in Williamsburg, whether you live in the area, are passing through or connecting to the G Train add Juicery Kitchen to your route. 

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Taste of the Islands at House of Juice

When island breezes beckon, but you don't have time to take a vacation, visit House of Juice (HOJ) in Brooklyn. HOJ serves fantastic juice, kombucha, jun, and smoothies, but they also offer a couple of delicious Caribbean inspired brunch plates on the weekend, like the Trinidadian style tacos pictured above.

The tacos combine chickpeas (chana), sweet potatoes, banh mi pickles and cucumbers on a soft gluten-free tortilla. The flavors blend perfectly with their seasoning and inspire thoughts of eating on a warm beach with blue waves at your toes.

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Get Electric At Fuel Juice Bar

Fuel Juice Bar in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is energizing the community with seriously flavorful and healthy food. They've locked into the formula of providing organic, nutritious meals that are both good for you and tasty.

An innovator in bringing nutritious meals to Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and surrounding areas, Fuel offers a wide range of juices from simple, like coconut water or watermelon juice to veggie dense options such as The Green Warrior, complete with all your organic veggie faves.

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Lefferts Gardens Juice Bar, House Of Juice

The beauty of New York City is its creators. The entrepreneurs inventing and crafting products for everyone to explore, love and share. That's what the city is all about. It's an enormous backdrop for imagination and discovery. One of these creators is House of Juice in Brooklyn. 

House of Juice first came to our attention at the Altman Building where The Seed has a vegan popup market. House of Juice sources organically from local farmers and from their garden attached to the shop in Prospect Park/Lefferts Gardens.

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